WEBMINING> Formula D Atlanta video by Will Roegge

Formula D Atlanta 2009 from Will Roegge on Vimeo.

Formula Drift Atlanta video by Will Roegge

We’ve been browsing through Vimeo for cool videos pertaining to cars and car culture, and we’ve gotta say, this video from Formula Drift in Atlanta, GA is top notch. It’s been shot and edited by a videographer named Will Roegge, who has some really great videos in his Vimeo profile.

Check it out! It’s the best video from Formula D Atlanta we’ve seen – by far, it beats the clips of the “official video” from Formula Drift that we’ve seen circulating on the internet. Hmm, Road Atlanta is such an awesome looking track. Seeing videos like this makes us wonder who’s the top dog when it comes to drifting videographers… who would be the best at shooting a drifting video? Video Option? Clash Production? Wrecked Magazine/Slide America? Speedhunters? JDM Insider? Makes us wonder which video teams could produce the best videos, based on the different angles/viewpoints they capture, the lighting and coloring, composition, and all that… food for thought?

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No Responses to “WEBMINING> Formula D Atlanta video by Will Roegge”

  1. anakin says:

    That was WICKED! I coulda used this guy at my wedding!

  2. Patrick Roszel says:

    the video is hot and the cars in there are off the chain

  3. …and another classic from Will. :) Good job man, keep it up!

  4. Ian J. Brown says:

    EPIC, and then some!

  5. Yoda says:

    I can’t stop watching this

  6. drunkentigah says:

    im one of those tree hugging hippies who are concerned about our environment and blah blah. to an extent anyway. and i am sickened at myself for having just enjoyed that clip. im gonna go plant a tree now. not really but i’d like to think that the effort is in me

  7. Kuruu says:

    This video was really well made. Awesome coverage!

  8. Jumper says:

    Awesome video

  9. Renny says:


  10. Big Joe says:

    What da fluck!!!

  11. admin says:

    Will Roegge steals my heart with these edits. The shot over the bridge coming into 10a is STELLAR.

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