VIDEO> Ken Block x Top Gear

In a world filled with viral videos, one man stands alone; his name is Ken Block.  With Ken’s recent Gymkhana 2 video success it was only appropriate that the UK’s greatest show Top Gear brought its cameras to US soil to capture the next chapter of Ken’s Gymkhana legacy. In this episode of Top Gear we see Ken dodge aircraft, fire trucks, cacti, and dangerously maneuver his ’09 Subaru STi Rally car through an airplane graveyard.  All of mayhem occurs as James May hangs on for dear life while riding shotgun. Enjoy!

:: Dax Rodriguez

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No Responses to “VIDEO> Ken Block x Top Gear”

  1. Andy Sapp says:

    THE. SHOT. AT. 6:10.

  2. La Carrera says:

    Videos like this is why Top Gear is the shit! badass!

  3. Alan says:

    Sick! Loved it! can’t wait to see it on Top Gear.

  4. Kuruu says:

    I love it!

  5. Anakin says:

    DAMN! @Andy that shot at 6:10 was almost spiritual. There were so many hot moments thru the whole thing and the whole time I kept checking to see if I had gotten to 6:10 yet thinking “there’s something better than this?!” Well…Hell Yeah!

  6. Killzone says:

    These Ken Block videos are awesome!

  7. Ustaluva says:

    Ken effin Block and Top effin Gear…I’m a convert

  8. M45 Infinite says:

    i think you guys must have been the first car blog to post about this. crazy…?

  9. misslieze says:

    HOOOOLLLYYY RADDDNESSSSS!!! That is seriously the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while. Man, I love Top Gear. So well shot! Man, I wanna ride with Ken Block, but at that jump I probably would have peed my pants! lol :D

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