VIDEO> Team Falken Rolls Dice in Vegas

Check out the latest Falken Tire video that my homie Skylar Smith produced at Formula Drift Vegas. High production value, awesome cars and lots of smoke…what more can you ask for? This video speaks for itself, so take a look and let us know what you think!

CLICK HERE to watch the video on in HD if you don’t want to deal with the slow YouTube buffering issues.

PS: How many of you can spot the Motor Mavens sticker in the video? Better watch it carefully!

:: Dax Rodriguez

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11 Responses to “VIDEO> Team Falken Rolls Dice in Vegas”

  1. Pat Daly says:

    Wow! This video is top notch! Really shows the speed of the cars instead of the slow-mo work that seems to be the norm in Drift vids right now. Very cool! Watched it three times through and haven’t found the Mavens sticker yet, I’ll try again haha. Again, great video.

  2. vballin says:

    Wow, those close-up shots are CRISP! The one of Calvin’s taillight and the starting lights in particular.

    I want a MM sticker!! Where can I get one??

  3. Good find Dax! This video is dope! Props to Skylar for his artistic eye and his great job on coloring and editing. I think the bearded bros better bring their A game on their next videos… There’s a new kid in town and he’s killin it!

    @Pat Daly: keep replaying the video… have a lookout for the big “M” logo!

    vballin: We’ll have stickers available on the site pretty soon, but if you can make it out to the next Formula D event, definitely just ask one of us for a sticker and we’ll gladly give one to you!

    I suppose if you live in Southern Cali, Phoenix, or Atlanta it may be easier… but don’t worry we’re still in the process of sending out more stickers!

  4. vballin says:

    found it @ 0:57. do i win anything? =D

  5. talan says:

    Good video! Music was pretty cool. I also found the M on top of the clipping point marker.

  6. anakin says:

    Super crisp and sharp! Dai needs a new logo…

  7. Kahlo says:

    It’s too short – super dope! Hey, wallpaper the shot of Ryuji Miki’s car engulfed in smoke – SWEET!

  8. Johnny says:

    I agree with you 100% Anakin!

  9. Felixxx says:

    Hell yea, I feel like going into battle after this video!

  10. The Squidd says:


    Send me some stickers Dax. That’d be rad. I’ll put it on something for the next video.

    Also, I might be blind, but I cannot read the font thats just outlines here.

  11. Not a problem Skylar. Email your address to and I’ll send some out to you ASAP.

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