CARSPOTTING> Josh Herron's S14

I can’t remember the last time I was in Las Vegas when I wasn’t covering an event or taking photos for work. It seems like an reoccurring thing when it comes to traveling for me, I never have time to hang with friends or just kick back. However my recent trip to Vegas was non-work related and I basically had the whole weekend to do whatever and go wherever my heart desired! After receiving a phone call from my dad asking if I would like to accompany him on his business trip to Vegas for the weekend, it didn’t take me long to respond with an enthusiastic “Yes!”. Once I arrived in Vegas I wasted no time getting in touch with people, while making sure I contacted a certain Internet celebrity!

Enter Josh Herron. This young and talented videographer has made some of the most creative drift videos I’ve ever seen, while also averaging 200,000 views on each video, and reaching the acclaimed Internet celebrity status all before the age of 21. And I thought I was a media prodigy. :D

Although the exterior of Josh’s S14 is very subtle, when we move into the cockpit nothing brings attention like a white steering wheel and bubble shift knob!

One of Josh’s first runs, and me desperately trying to get my settings down. Who would of thought night drifting would be so hard to shoot?

There’s nothing better then some night drifting…on a closed course obviously. Of course all driving was done by trained professionals, don’t try this at home!

I know this isn’t the sharpest shot, but it looked so cool I had to use it. Plus Josh had monster angle!

After a good session of drifting, we headed back to the local Chevron to fill up the tank and snap a few photos before calling it a night, or should I say morning? Rumor has it that Ray from Royal Flush (pictured far left) captured the nights session with Josh’s camera. Perhaps now like every true celebrity, Josh will have a very incriminating video that he doesn’t want ending up on the internet!

:: Dax Rodriguez

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23 Responses to “CARSPOTTING> Josh Herron's S14”

  1. Jeremy Brown says:

    Incriminating video, huh? Maybe a little 2 Girls 1 Josh, or maybe a full-length Herronparty…okay I’ll stop now.

  2. nick d says:

    haha is that Mick and Paul with yall?

  3. Zach Meister says:

    REAL awesome, Josh is a super chill guy and is VERY talented.

    Great photos and write up Dax! It was great meeting you at ASB ( Kind of late to say this I presume, but figure I would haha )

  4. @Zach, thanks for the comment man and it was nice meeting you also! And yeah Josh is super cool and pretty much down to do anything. Lol I don’t think I got back to my hotel room before 4am the whole weekend. Haha

  5. shark240 says:

    the pics are on the internet….MORE POWER!!
    who doesnt love night drifting…well some people bang on us for it.
    but I really dig Josh’s vids thats for damn sure….and seeing him “night” drift lol, well much more respect to him foreal. Im glad he doesn’t just shoot the stuff, he does it to. really, respect bruh

  6. Paolo says:

    yay for josh! lol. Glad to see the 14 progressing bro! super dope

  7. MaydayJohnP says:

    Damn that’s awesome, didn’t know Josh Herron was that young. Right on!

  8. Joel says:


  9. Andy Sapp says:

    Josh is dreamy in that 2nd snap!

  10. Derek Brookshire says:

    Cars looking nice BraH!

  11. Brotor Mavens dot Com!

  12. I had no idea Josh drifted. I guess for someone to make such great videos of something, they’ve got to have some sort of background in it. Great post.

  13. Erocker says:

    Josh, great vids and sweet S14!

  14. Erocker says:

    @Dax – it’s great to see more of your stuff on my fave site – you guys have the best pics out there!

  15. Logan says:


    I got that shift knob too in the collection

    Rainbow son

  16. @Erocker – Thanks man I really appreciate it. I know I’ve been slacking a bit on posting and all, but I’m getting back into the groove of things and I will be dropping some fresh content on you guys shortly! Thanks again and I’m glad you like the site, it means more then you know to hear that.

    @Justin – Josh was killing it out there man. I’m talking early entry e-brake slides. Like 4 seconds of e-brake! o_0 Ray and I felt like fanboys cheering him on from curbside. Lol

  17. Yoshi Shindo says:

    im loving the Navan aero!

    Can’t wait until I get my S14 running.

  18. Rich says:

    Dope story Dax! It’s nice to see real love behind the scene on Motormavens! Drifting in Vegas while millions lost a few $’s – awesome move…very wise!!!

  19. Sifspainru says:

    It’s cool that he drifts also, not just films! These photos are so dark though. Maybe they would be better with some Las Vegas lights around it.


  20. says:

    How much money does Wisconsin make a year from speeding tickets, and where does that money go?

  21. yourbig says:

    its like the speed of dark is the same as the speed of light. looks like he was going pretty fast

  22. Ess says:

    How much money do you make selling your work?

  23. Thank you very much for that astonishing article

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