Just a few years ago, aggressive fitment wheels were a pretty rare find on cars in the United States. Most people thought that getting wheels that “fit” well meant that the wheels wouldn’t have any rubbing or clearance issues. Nowadays, the trendsetters in the scene have completely changed the game, and all the “cool kids” with the best wheel fitment are all about stretched tires and seeing how close you can get your wheels/tires to the fenders.

The owner of this slammed Subaru Impreza WRX STi is a seventeen year old (Yes, I said 17 years old!) high school student named Abbitt Wilkerson from AW Films. Abbitt has been making a name for himself; not only because he shoots some of the most popular car videos up here in the Northwest, but also because he has a driving passion for building Subarus with the common thread of aggressive wheel fitment.

I met Abbitt though his older brother, Walker Wilkerson from Team Instant Party, about a year ago. When I first met Abbitt, he owned a sick GC8 Subaru Impreza with aggressive fitting wheels. However, he has since sold the car to get this white WRX STi. Abbitt has only owned the STi for few months now, but he has definitely gotten a good start at creating one of the cleanest, most aggressively stanced STi Imprezas I’ve ever seen.

The very first thing Abbitt did to his STi after buying it was install a set of BC Coilovers. He then took his Subie to Ray at Garage Autohero for professional fender rolling so he could fit his aggressive wheels on the car. He quickly followed those modifications by getting a Invidia exhaust. So far, this STi already looks much more stylish than most of the Imprezas of this body type I’ve seen – even though it only has minimal modifications. I can’t wait to see what Abbitt has in store for this car in the future!

As I walked back to the pits at an Evergreen Speedway drift event, I couldn’t stop staring at Abbitt’s parked STi. If you look closely, you’ll also notice that he shaved all the emblems off the trunk to further clean up the look of his car.

Stretched tires, aggressive offset wheels, and a super low stance is what makes this STi sit different from all others. If any Impreza owners want to write down Abbitt’s wheel math, here it is. 18×9.5 +30 up front, and 18×9.5 +35 in the rear, with 215/40/18 tires all around. Abbitt admits though, his car is rocking fake Work Emotion CR Kais at the moment because he just saved up to buy this STi a few months ago and he doesn’t have enough money to buy real Work wheels just yet. He tells us he plans to work hard and save up so that he can buy some real Work wheels sometime this winter.

Speaking of work, Abbitt has put in a lot of work to build up this car with the small budget of a full time high school student. After schoolwork, he also has a job at a golf course and also makes stickers on the side for a little bit of extra money, which he spends on his car and the creation of his films. I gotta admit though – for a high school student without a full time job, I think he’s done pretty well in building an impressive Impreza so far!

Why do I say that? Well to be honest, I think most Subarus you see aren’t low enough, and they use beefy tires mounted onto wheels that aren’t wide enough. It’s just not every day you see an STi that looks as good as this one.

Abbitt’s old look – he used to have black Work Emotion replicas. Ive never been a big fan of black wheels on white cars, but this car pulled it off quite well. The black and white was good, but going white on white was an even better choice, Abbitt! It certainly shows off how aggressive the wheel fitment is, and that’s what he’s all about. I think Abbit deserves props for building such a good looking STi on a small high school budget! I wish I had a car this dope when I was in high school!

:: Yoshi Shindo

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56 Responses to “CARSPOTTING> Sick Stanced STi”

  1. On a high school budget too!? Man, this must be the best looking car in the HS parking lot! Much RESPECT Abbitt!!!

    LMK when you’re ready to buy some Works, I’ll try to help you get a MotorMavens homie hookup from my boy.

  2. eDDi Hughes says:

    Lovely fitment and aggressive stance. ;) Good work Yoshi!

  3. Sifspainru says:

    best offset on any subaru i’ve ever seen.

  4. Mickey says:

    The fitment looks dope! Definitely feeling the white on white look. Nice work!

  5. Edward Uche says:

    The stance is amazing, fitment is top notch. Im feelin it!!!!

  6. oscar says:

    Sick, one of the coolest STi’s around.

  7. Whoa! This really isn’t helping my new love for subarus.

  8. ForzaGUY36 says:

    “I gotta admit though – for a high school student without a full time job, I think he’s done pretty well in building an impressive Impreza so far!”

    Are you guys kidding! I wish my folks bought me a STI when I was in HS… I’ll give some respect for good taste, as he chose not to buy an Acura RSX or 240sx, but come on, “makes stickers on the side for a little bit of extra money,” those must be some expensive stickers! No HS kid, without the help of mommy and daddy, can afford an off-the-lot STI. Lets find the guy who works 9am-9pm and spends his weekends up to his elbows in parts and labor. That is the car I wanna see and the tale of the tape I think is worth reading, not the HS kid with too much time on his hands and a bank accounted supported by his white-collar parents. Sorry, I don’t mean to be rude.

  9. Jaime says:

    Abbit, seriously, your films are pertty cool but ur car is just perfect! It’sthe first time that I like this STi, cause it never caught my eye, but u make it look so dope! Anwesome! N u r just 17! I cant imagine what u’ll do with more $$$!
    PD: Woops, to much exclamations :P

  10. THanks so much guys for posting this up!!! awesome!!! and thanks everyone who likes it.

    but im gonna answer a few thing mr forza guy has incorrect.

    First off man… dont just start assuming thing because im 17 and have an STI. That at all means doesnt prove that my parents bought the car. WHICH! they did not. And yes i make vinyl decals for a website called go check it out. lots of dope cars over there. ive made stickers for companies around WA and by all means i make good money off this. I have a part time job and make fair amount of money in tips and just paychecks from the golf course.

    And also when did anywhere or anyone say this car was off the lot??? I got this car $14k stock from a private owner. YES $14,000! MY old rs was pretty modded and i parted it out and got about $9000 out of it and i put it down. My dad spotted me the rest and i make monthly payments on the car as we speak so dont go assuming things when you really dont know.

    im not gonna go on any further cause theres no purpose.

    thanks everyone.

    check out

  11. Greg says:

    Haha. You think he pays for it. Nahh. Its his daddy. Same with his brothers all 10 240′s/

  12. I like to give this kid a hard time on our forums (WFC) but he definately does a good job with his cars on a limited budget. The white on white STI + low flush stance is a winner for sure. it’s btw Abbitt… wfcrew.forumotion was switched over.

  13. Good shit Yoshi, good article.

    And fuck the haters, I’ve seen Abbitt’s come ups over the past couple years, he stays true.

  14. lol my brothers had like 2 240s and he buys and sells them so okay greggy you think what you want. i think the NW people know. lol

  15. young phillip says:

    jealousy much. *cough* greg *cough*

    clean car.

  16. sil80sr20 says:

    get some white work emos w/ the stickers

  17. im getting works but prob not cr kais cause i have the fake ones so id wanna switch it up and get like a diff style. lol

  18. brian says:

    younger ppl with part time jobs can still build bad ass cars. its called not wasting your time playing video games (cough)forzaguy(cough)and doing whatever to make more flow

  19. Damn Abbitt… I mean the car’s dope and all, but a feature on MM at seventeen? Damn…

  20. Rich says:

    Clean STI Abbitt!! Keep doin your thang!! Great photos and article Yoshi!!

  21. TIP walker says:

    since when do i have 10 240s? shows how much this foolish greg knows…

  22. Brian Trask says:

    My name is Brian Trask and I play video games

  23. Mr. Moons says:

    This makes me very very jealous.
    I wish my parents would’ve encouraged me to save all my money through the years.

  24. Alex says:


  25. william says:

    WOW rotas on an sti, you have made Ben Stein unamused. Owner of the car, congrats on the feature.

  26. tyler nicholson says:

    hey guys this is tyler and i like to rip sick swells and wax my surf board
    i also like hula dancing and shit.

  27. jamie says:

    awfilms???? wtf lol that sticker is a straight copy of T2-Films’ sticker. car is dope tho

  28. S.Lang says:

    Whatever, THANKS MOM & DAD! Someone had to buy camera/editing & vinyl equip. too. THEN it has Rota’s?? No offense Abbitt or Motor Mavens, but this isn’t what our scene is about. And yeah another STi on fake wheels doesn’t need a feature.

  29. Hey Alex, did you need to install some sort of software to be able to type Kanji/Katakana/Hiragana on your computer? Can you pls tell me what I can install to do this? (I have a Mac BTW)

  30. Cornfed says:

    That car is hot

  31. lol t2 films is legit! tim is a boss. <3

    its not a straight copy but i didnt even look at their cars and i wanted a simpler design.

    and s long i bought everything. must not know what saving money is.

  32. also i traded my stock wheels for these straight across so i didnt really care i was tired of being sunken.

    hey yoshi trying to do a shoot this weekend?

  33. tyler nicholson says:

    hula dancing is my favorite! cool car!

  34. haha says:

    it looks like some people need to get a life instead of sitting at their computer hating on a 17 year old. get out put some work in and you can get what you want too.

  35. robert says:

    i have to agree with the kid that built this that it is possible.

    im now 20 and it took me about 2 years to build my car to where it is now. and i ended up actually becoming friends with a lot of companies during the build and got a lot of parts sponsored.

    during those 2 years i was attending cal poly and i worked at one point at 24hr fitness 40 hours a week and circuit city 16 hours a week and sold parts on the side. and managed to pay for the car, insurance, some of my school and mods. lets just say that sleep didnt happen very often, and my grades took a little bit of a beating cause of it.

    my car now might not have crazy fitment like my e30 did… and im gonna get a lot of hate for it. but it is possible to have a nice car at a young age. its called determination.

    i always dreamed of having a nice car, but something no one else had. i built a sentra.

    and now after all the im debuting the new work emotion wheel.

    be sure to check the work wheels site, and hopefully here if motormavens will feature it.

    a real world car, a college kid without a crazy ass budget, and 15 sponsorships supporting it.

    it is possible, its just most people give up before they even start. i didnt.

    stop hating on the 17 year old kid. i was 18 when i started building my car, it took a shitload of effort because my entire family hated my car especially after my ref ticket.

    give the kid props, 17 years old and with wheel fitment like that who can hate on that? i hate replicas but he is on a real world budget and is going to buy the real ones. i really cant wait to see his build finished especially for a high school kid.

    good shit man, keep it up :)

  36. Muzaffar says:

    OMG, seriously your car is just awesome Abbitt. For a 17yo to have an aggressive fitment STi, you are definitely one lucky guy. I’m 18 and all I’m getting is a crappy Hyundai i10 this Thrusday. Just looking at all these “hellaflush” cars makes me want to modify my car when I get my hands on it even if I have to actually “borrow some money” lol….

  37. jemeister says:

    i have to say good looking car… keep your head up kid everyone knows he/she would have loved a sweet ass car at that young age… and about the wheels, rotas ain’t too bad if you’re just using them for the streets… heck if someone would’ve traded me straight up for my stock 18″ 350Z wheels for rotas after i bought the car i would have taken them in a heartbeat. as long as you don’t go around putting work stickers on them i guess it’s fine for all mankind…

    being a broke ass college student i’m still working my ass off and eating ramen to be able to afford the mods i want… given the fact that you’re 17 all i have to say is this “with great power comes great responsibility.” (from spiderman)… hope you aren’t one of those tearing up the high school parking lots doing burnouts and crazy stuff like that haha…

    STI looks good keep it flush!

  38. jemeister says:

    …and acquiring a car of this caliber at a young age is possible… i remember working 3 jobs while attending college full time to be able to pay for the car/mods :)

  39. ahah no i actually drive the car quite slow. lots of subaru people always try to race me and nah screw that. not worth the ticket if i got caught.

  40. seventhsign says:

    abbitt has a nice car.
    i almost feel like doing my body work and taking pictures with you. almost. lol

  41. hacstyper says:

    sick ass car ,could you post suspendion settings,are they brian crower coilovers?

  42. [...] all the AW Films drifting videos that have been popping up on Vimeo and the owner of a particular sick stanced Subaru Impreza WRX STi that has been the topic of some controversy on the site. (haha!) Abbitt is still relatively new to [...]

  43. Derek says:

    “Are you guys kidding! I wish my folks bought me a STI when I was in HS”

    I’m 18. I bought a 2005 STi a month after graduating. I paid for the downpayment, I pay every single car payment, and I pay for insurance. I’m also building a drift s14 on the side. I may be dumb, but I’m not spoiled. Just because people have nice things, doesn’t mean it’s their parent’s money. If it isn’t, it’s probably the only nice thing they have though. haha

  44. [...] This JZS161 belongs to Walker Wilkerson. If you’re thinking that last name sounds vaguely familiar, that’s because Walker is the older brother of Abbitt Wilkerson of AW Films. I’m sure you all remember Abbitt’s Through the eyes of a child video and his Sick Stanced STi? [...]

  45. tylerhedberg says:


    everyone really really needs to quit hatin on abbitt

    i used to think his mommy and daddy bought him everything

    but now that i really do know him and see him everyday at school, i know for a fact that he does work his ass off for this car. everyday after school he either has to deliver stickers around all day to sell them or he has to go to work at the golf course

    so dont be hatin on him

    u guys is just jealous that he actually has the motivation to do some shit like this and u dont

    car is dope though abbitt :)

  46. sti killer says:

    abbitt your gay my 05 sti is otter than that i will blow the doors of that shyt any day

  47. sti looser+ says:

    what brand are these wheels really

  48. sti looser+ says:

    what brand are these wheels really

  49. “S.Lang says:
    September 24, 2009 at 11:27 amWhatever, THANKS MOM & DAD! Someone had to buy camera/editing & vinyl equip. too. THEN it has Rota’s?? No offense Abbitt or Motor Mavens, but this isn’t what our scene is about. And yeah another STi on fake wheels doesn’t need a feature.”

    im sorry i know it sucks being 17 and getting hated on but i have to fully agree with this person S Lang. This isnt what the scene is about. props to the kid and his successful family but this car far from deserves this post. As i do know its possible to have a sick car at a young age (i had my first evo when i was 20) i was working 60-70 hour weeks and my parents refused to help because they didnt think i was responsible enough to own a car like that. and like someone else said…who paid for the vynl equiptment and who 2500$ video camera hes shooting with not to mention im sure hes on a mac in the 4k$ range and who paid for the initial RS he sold to get the 9k$ whatever im done hating but a stock sti with knock offs is weak, dime a dozen driven around here and i live in CT

  50. [...] the right is Washington state-based filmmaker and super slammed Subaru driver Abbitt Wilkerson. Abbitt actually turned eighteen on Formula D Saturday last week, and [...]

  51. Родион Меньшиков says:

    Ага, на самом деле все очень просто :)

  52. BaшпapeнЬ says:

    Да… Мне реально близка обсуждаемая тема! Даже грустно как-то :(

  53. Safet3000GT says:

    Bro SICKK car man im 16 and im starting out with a 1998 3000gt but i cant say i bought it my parents got me it because ive passed all my classes so far got good grades and barely got in trouble AND for my 16th BIRTHDAY and there like here is your present for that back to your car i love the combination i cant wait to see what your going to do to the car AT 17 GOOD JOB BRO CANT WAIT TILL I START INVESTING MONEY INTO MINE YOU COULD CHECK IT OUT ON

  54. Safet3000GT says:

    Bro SICKK car man im 16 and im starting out with a 1998 3000gt but i cant say i bought it my parents got me it because ive passed all my classes so far got good grades and barely got in trouble AND for my 16th BIRTHDAY and there like here is your present for that back to your car i love the combination i cant wait to see what your going to do to the car AT 17 GOOD JOB BRO CANT WAIT TILL I START INVESTING MONEY INTO MINE YOU COULD CHECK IT OUT ON

  55. ZR1racingJP says:

    to all the people hating on abbitt… it is possible for all this to happen.. and yeah he may have had help with everything else like getting the gc8 coupe… but sounds like he did the mods himself.. besides he admitted his parents helped him out and he is paying them back!! which means he is affording his STi.. im 20 years old and have a paid off 04 STi which i also payed for.. and it now on a built bottom end,ported vf39,AP header,grimmspeed tgv delete,grimmspeed 38mm EWG kit,perrin intake,perrin 3in single piece downpipe,3inch turbo xs exhaust,perrin front mount,perrin recirc BOV stage 2 exedy clutch,perrin short shifter, ebc drilled and slotted rotors, with ebc half hot stuff half red stuff pads. and its on DMS 32 way adjustable rally coilovers right now.. and ive payed for all the mods myself…so dont hate on him.. im now going differently with my car im happy with the performance for now.. so time to get a sick stance with it. which means im getting new coilovers,painting my car,getting rims,rolling my fenders cause its pretty much getting slammed with 18.9.5 rims. and ill have this car a year comes september.. so please get off his nuts about how he got the car..

    PS… who cars if the rims are knock offs.. its all about how the stance and how sick/clean the car looks. its not your decision if he gets a feature or not. when i saw this.. all i could say was wow.. he just sh*tted on me bad.. cause i want a stance similar to that.. yeah the go fast game sounds like i sh*tted on him.. but its not what he was going for.. i was till i realized i dont got deep enough pockets for that anymore.. so hints me going with a sick stance!!!

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