OH SNAP> Boxcar Sessions

Recently, I’ve been doing some research on good commuter cars that can fit A LOT of camera equipment inside, but still get great gas mileage. I’ve looked at the new Scion xB, Nissan Cube, and also the Kia Soul. There are certain things I liked about all of these cars, but for some reason, I’m still more drawn to the old school original boxy style of the first gen Scion xB.

In my opinion, the Nissan Cube looks closer to the first gen xB than the second gen xB does… but it still doesn’t capture the same feeling as the first generation Scion xB. Maybe it’s because the first gen xB has Japanese roots as a Toyota bB, with tons of Japanese aftermarket parts available, from big wheel VIP style to lowdown/shakotan 15 inch wheel style… and a ton of dope aero kits like Kenstyle or Damd. (The Damd Gulf Toyota bB had me jockin like crazy when it first came out!)

Here in the continental United States, I gotta give props to guys like the bB Squad and especially Paolo Luna and Kenny Leadsled in Las Vegas, who build cars that are so stylish, they inspire other Scion owners to bite their steez. In my opinion, THESE are the guys that Scion USA corporate needs to give “build project” cars to. (I hope you’re reading this, Kennedy, Craig, M.J. and Steve!) These are the real grassroots, die hard Scion guys that deserve a chance to build a fresh box, because they have so much style! I’ve been to Scion car shows in other parts of the United States, and I was just horrified by the way some people built their Scions… especially the ones with cheesy themes! For real!

Anyway, the whole point in me writing this… is that I wanted to give props where it was due, and shine a much needed light on these guys, who have put together some of the freshest Scions I’ve seen in the USA thus far. I never got around to shooting Kenny’s car (Sorry Kenny!), but if you want to check out Paolo Luna’s xB, then click here to see the feature on Paolo’s car that I shot and wrote back when I was still promoting that other high traffic car blog site. =)

::Antonio Alvendia

Paolo Luna’s xB feature from last year

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15 Responses to “OH SNAP> Boxcar Sessions”

  1. BigHindu says:

    You cannot beat the style and presence of a real Scion xB (not those SUV looking xB2′s). Mine is my daily and she does everything I need her to do and then some. I love the style the bB Squad guys have and they always have the freshest rides in the game. You should come to the East Coast (NJ mainly) and see the horrific Scions we have here.

  2. GroduceJunc says:

    I like that Cube man…some things can be done with that

  3. Spencer says:

    YES to first gen xB.
    YES to new Nissan Cube.

    the revolution is nearly starting….

  4. The kit in the middle almost looks Supermade. I have to agree though, these (done well) can be very good looking little cars.

  5. Paolo Luna says:

    Mad props and thanks to antonio! Thanks alot for the exposure sir! Youz da man!! give me a call when u are in vegas!

  6. kOOpA says:

    whooooooooooah at the one on the left. i love it!

  7. Belladon says:

    Сайт отличный. Надо бы Вам награду вручить за него или просто почетный орден. =)

  8. omgodzilla says:

    Nice, Noblesse front. I had one on my xa.

  9. Rich says:

    ‘Totally feel you on the OG xB’s Antonio! Me and the fam wanted one so bad; too bad it was one waste size too small! Also, awesome coverage on Paolo’s ride on Speedhunters. It’s always a pleasure soaking on your phat photos, not to mention very entertaining write ups! Keep the gold flowing Mavens!!!

  10. Erocker says:

    I’m starting to like these little econo-boxes more and more – if gas gets back in the $4 range I’m all over it. Anybody got an old stock Civic EG they want to get rid of?

  11. Felixxx says:

    Ant, you need to shoot Kenny’s car the next time you hit Vegas.

  12. om1kron says:

    that looks like a supermade front bumper on the front and center box.

  13. Heymikeyyyy says:

    even the Phaze2 Xb’s hold it down!!!!

  14. JDMJim says:

    We’re nationwide now!!!!! i wish i could just drive back and forth like that

  15. joe says:

    I love the xbs, but the cube (especially the KROM) is nice, all you need is to slam it to the ground =)

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