VIDEO> Offset is Everything at Nisei


Most Motor Mavens readers have been following Antonio’s photos and stories from Nisei Showoff, so we’ve decided to release a video of the event as well! We really wanted to highlight something that impressed us at the show – the fact that so many of these great cars are stepping up their game with aggressive offset and negative camber!

Forget the trophies – for us, the super slammed cars with the best wheels, stance, engine mods and paint jobs were the stars of the show. Nisei Showoff wasn’t about the models (although there were a few that showed up, haha); it was about the hottest street cars. Events like this are becoming more and more rare. We feel privileged that we were there to support Ken Miyoshi on his last Nisei Showoff, because of the great feeling that this show produced. Props to Ken and the Mainstream Productions crew for bringing us an awesome day of street cars and good friends in the middle of Little Tokyo.

We hop you enjoy the video, and don’t forget to leave comments!

:: Travis Hodges

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11 Responses to “VIDEO> Offset is Everything at Nisei”

  1. dope vid with some sick rides!!

  2. Jover says:

    Dope! I like the track selection to the MAX!

  3. Rich says:

    Off the hook!!!! It totally sucks that this was the last showoff, but we’re lucky that you guys covered this! Major props!!

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  5. MaydayJohnP says:

    Nice vid, shame, I never got to go to a Nisei Showoff. Great Quality for sure

  6. Erocker says:

    DAMMMMMNNNNNN! The stance om these cars was so siiiiccckkkK!

  7. GroduceJunc says:

    I love offset – that was my kind of show. Pissed that it’s over forever…

  8. oscar says:

    Why no more pics of white Z31 and shakotan Skyline?

  9. Mickey says:

    Absolutly jockin’ the Corolla at 1:20. LOVE IT!

    What a great variety of well done cars in one place. Say it ain’t so Ken! Keep ShowOff ALIVE!!!!!

  10. Leigh says:

    How you guys made a video of parked cars that kept my interest longer than 30 sec, let alone the whole video, is blowing my mind!

    Rad video and equally rad show

  11. Rich says:

    Had to watch this again. Too sssssiiiiiccckkkk!!!

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