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CYRIOUS PRODUCTIONS – Drift Maniacs from Cyrious Productions on Vimeo.

Greetings! My name is Jover! I’ve been Antonio’s homeboy, representing from up here in Canada since the late 90’s, eh! Think of me as his shorter, somewhat similar “brother from another mother” that is also a nut for all things related to AE86s and drifting.

Speaking of AE86’s, Pat Cyr from Drift Posse dominated the podium this year in the DMCC (Drift Mania Championnat Canadien) Series, taking the 2nd place spot in the series and making a HUGE name for himself amongst a field of professionally backed teams, most of whom are running big, bad V8s!

Not bad for an AE86 that still runs a 4AGE motor, on a privateer budget! If it wasn’t for a broken axleshaft in the Quarter Final heat in Toronto, he’d be sitting in the top slot in the points…but that’s racing folks! Look for a feature on this dirty hachiroku, and the equally badass wheelman from Drift Posse soon here on MotorMavens!

For now, enjoy this video his brother, Dan Cyr put together from the DMCC -Toronto Round 4 and the DriftOps Drift Lapping day at Shannonville. This is how we do it up, turn up the speakers!

::Jover Papag

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No Responses to “WEBMINING> Cyrious About Drifting”

  1. Windows sucks says:


  2. Jover says:

    I just got off the phone with my boy Pat. Drift Posse are hitting up 2009 Street Life Tour this weekend to try and win a $4000 purse. I think he mentioned that he wants to use his winnings to send out his sponsorship proposals! You heard it here first, this kid is gonna try to go BIG, possibly Formula Drift next year. (AND, he wants to continue to rep in an AE86!) Once he opens those doors, you’ll see more Canucks heading south for the international fame.

    September 19th @ Kilkare Raceway in Xenia, OH

  3. Chris Rhoad says:

    REALLY looking forward to Pat Cyr’s feature.

  4. dope!!! glad to have you officially down with the crew, Jov.

    i think it would be mad funny if they competed for that $4000 purse, and won the event, but at the podium ceremony instead of a big ass check, the organizers handed them a really expensive louis vuitton handbag or something.

    “here’s your $4000 purse, kid.” LOL

  5. thats cool, the smallest car wins it al haha

  6. Jover says:

    “I think it’s cool you got a $4000 check, and I’mah let you finish, but I think this Luis Vuitton Monogram purse is worth more!” – The Luis Vuitton Don

  7. Rich says:

    Dope video Jover!!

  8. DaveT says:

    Hell yes, Pat is a great guy and deserves anything that comes his way!

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