CARSPOTTING> bB Squad on BBS in Sarasota

Nick Rico Scion XB BBS Tein from Scion Exposed Sarasota FL

Looking through the terabytes of photos in our Motor Mavens photographic archive, we noticed these photos from our last trip to Florida sitting in a folder, never before published and never before seen on our site.

It was one of those perfect Florida days, with the tang of fresh salt water in the air and the sun seeming to just chill and hang out like an old friend – warm and breezy in a “no worries” sorta way. So, what does one do in Paradise? That’s right… check out the cars. We were in Florida to attend the Scion Exposed 6.0 event in Sarasota anyway, so we thought we’d do a little carspotting at the show. That’s where we saw our favorite car at the show – this clean, minimalist, emerald gem, owned by Nick Rico of the bB Squad.

Nick Rico Scion XB BBS Tein from Scion Exposed Sarasota FL

We loved the choice of dark emerald green on Nick’s xB, and the green and white accents of the Tein hood dampers on that deep emerald background make you wonder if Nick just rolls up to events with his hood up just to show peeps how he “coooooordinates.” LOL Actually, when we spoke to Nick and his dad, we found out that he drove out all the way from Atlanta GA to Sarasota FL just to attend the show, which was the year’s largest Scion gathering in the East Coast.

Nick Rico Scion XB BBS Tein from Scion Exposed Sarasota FL

Scion owners (especially those who own xB’s) are known for trending toward personalization and self-expression, and Nick is no exception. Check the valve cover artwork executed by Nick himself as a nod to the aesthetic – adding some form to all of the function. Hey Nick, how about custom painting something cool at the Motor Mavens office next time we see you?

Performance has also been slightly improved by the Injen air intake and the TRD strut bar… not that this xB is intended as a canyon monster or anything. Nick also added a metal TRD oil filler cap just so he can burn his fingertips every time he adds oil to his engine. Oh wait… this Scion xB is a newer car. He probably doesn’t have to add oil to top off his stock motor yet.

Nick Rico Scion XB BBS Tein from Scion Exposed Sarasota FL

Who doesn’t love BBS RS wheels? Especially when they are incorporated so skillfully into the impact of this understated crowd pleaser’s stance? BBS is headquartered in Georgia right next to Road Atlanta, so hopefully the BBS marketing folks see Nick’s car and sponsor him with more BBS wheels, since he’s repping them so hard in the south east region of the USA, and now on the internet!

Nick Rico Scion XB BBS Tein from Scion Exposed Sarasota FL

You may or may not be a fan of the lines of the xB – at its release it was definitely one of the more polarizing vehicles produced in a long time, causing many a heated argument amongst fellow car enthusiasts – but even haters of “the box” design can see the appeal in a clean, functional example of minimalist excellence like Nick Rico’s emerald gem.

:: Avon Bellamy

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19 Responses to “CARSPOTTING> bB Squad on BBS in Sarasota”

  1. Paolo luna says:

    Sick! Nicks car is the og trendsetter. Dope pics and write up guys!

    Bbsquad for life

  2. nick rico says:

    thank you guys so much for posting my wagon up. I know it’s not as nice as a lot of the other content posted, so I really do appreciate it. Hopefully I’ll see you guys again at some of the east coast events when spring rolls around.

  3. Hechtspeed says:

    Love the B! This is a killer clean example! The xB1 is actually my next car purchase (if I can keep off the “car of the week” mood swings! evo, wrx, mustang, ae86, genesis, I’m all over the map). The xB does it’s thing in style, great mpg and reliability and utility. Sure, its not fast, but its COOL!

  4. Erocker says:

    Nothing like the xB done RIGHT! Great example.

  5. jbo says:

    Looking sick as usual Nick the clean simpleness of it is what makes it…way to rep the Squad nice write up Avon

  6. those BBS Rims are one of the best looking rims that can be put on every car, and dont forget to slam it down low :D

    to bad we havo no XB’s or BB’s in europe because you can make it verry cool like this one, i like it!

  7. Aaron chilcote says:

    very very well deserved nick!

    bBsquad FTW!!!

  8. rich elizaga says:

    This was aswesome! Very nice article!

  9. craig b. says:

    B looks great nick.

  10. Aireckone! says:

    well deserved!! congrats Nick!!

    bB Squad!!

  11. Adam says:

    Congrats on the feature Nick! The box is looking awesome as always.

    Scinergy GA!ATL

  12. AvonB says:

    @Nick – Great job on the Box and no thanks necessary except us thanking you for letting us showcase such a fine example of a well done car. Email me at motormavens(at) and pass on any info about what shows you’ll be hitting in the Spring.

    @Hechtspeed – I feel you on the “Car of the Week” mood swings (240Z,Celica Alltrac, Soarer/SC300/SC400,mustang,evo) on and on. Ask the rest of the Mavens – I’m waaaaay past bi-polar on the subject.

    @Paolo, rich & jbo – Thanks for the props on the write up – it’s my first official feature :)

  13. !!BYAAAAH!! says:

    fuk yeah foo…. shit was hot that day… and ur box was off the chain… come out to fixx fest

  14. WEPAINT says:

    Lookin killer as always Nick!!!

  15. Hell yeah!!! Sorry it took so long to publish this Nick! It was fun chillin with you and your dad in Sarasota and at Road Atlanta! Hope to see you soon homie!

  16. nick rico says:

    Thanks again for everything Antonio.
    Maybe I’ll see ya at formula d at road atlanta next year.

  17. Spencer says:

    Yes, glad to see some more box coverage on MotorMavens! Great example too… Love me some bB squad!

  18. Leeanna Do says:

    Excellent site yours sincerely, Leeanna Do

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