WEBMINING> An Evil Glare

A friend of mine showed me this photo of what I think is a ’59 Buick Electra. I can’t get over how sinister this car’s presence is. The missing front grill, rusted finish, and frame scraping height make it look intense! You could probably ditch a costume for Halloween and just roll around in this monster.

What do you think?

:: Andy Sapp

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No Responses to “WEBMINING> An Evil Glare”

  1. Jeremy Brown says:

    That looks like Christine’s war-grizzled younger brother. If I ever became a mass-murderer, this is what I’d drive.

  2. KenKen says:

    That face piece is SIIICCKKK!

  3. Ashe says:

    If Number 5 from Short Circuit were are car, this would be him!

  4. Chris says:

    Thats rad as all get out! All these rusted out old school rods, maybe a boat in this case, that are floating around on the net these days makes me want a new project of my own! Bad ass!

  5. ando says:

    Man that car looks seriously pissed off! Crazy

  6. Bad ass. That’s all there is to it. That car is hardcore bad ass.

  7. Cornfed says:

    That car looks like the devil would drive

  8. Leigh says:

    cornfed couldn’t have said it any better

    love it

  9. Drewfus_nukka!!!! says:

    This is where motormavens always wins me over. When you guys do pieces on old cars. This is what I was raised on and this is what I will always love. I love finned iron sleds.

    The whole appeal to these cars is the fact that they are low and evil down to its very last rust spot!!! I own a 1964 Coupe DeVille and man you cant get much better then these old heavy bitches. I love the car.

  10. anth says:

    what a mean looking front. it looks like it would be at home in a Pixar cartoon!

  11. Rich Elizaga says:

    On the dot when you mentioned monster Andy! This car is wicked looking!!

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