WEBMINING> Kawabata's Unbelievable Entry!

I’ve had to watch this video of Kawabata drifting his Toyo Tires S13 in Japan over and over and OVER again at least 10 times just to see if it was somehow a fluke or even possibly faked! When you watch this video, you’ve GOT to agree that he nailed down an absolutely unbelievable entry!

I’m utterly speechless, just shaking my head in bewilderment… so please help me out here and comment below! Wasn’t his entry into that corner just NUTS?! Also, does anyone know which circuit that was? At first I thought it might be Sugo Sportsland, but after watching it again, I don’t think so…

:: Jover Papag

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20 Responses to “WEBMINING> Kawabata's Unbelievable Entry!”

  1. Chear says:


  2. Ashe says:

    It was at Okayama International Circuit. Yeah, his entry angle is stupid ridiculous.

  3. Los says:

    Wow! Most Amazingly, Sick, Dope, Rad entry I have ever seen! +1,000

  4. akeem says:

    I can’t lie this is so bad-ace. dude is basically backwards, I love it!


  5. Absolution says:

    Alright, who turned on the driving aids? Who turned on the NFSU style aids on this one?

    As amazing as Kawabata is, I still question his 2007 championship. Sure, he won a few, but I really felt 2007 should have went to like, Nomuken or Suenaga. Still, I guess it ends up looking like Tanner Foust, Mr. Consistency and placing high each round.

    Crazy stuff, this run.

  6. Gary.Suk says:

    I think it was at Autopolis.

  7. Warren says:

    Its Suzuka

  8. Warren says:

    Well sorry for the double post but after a quick check it seems that it is Okayama (it was my first thought).

  9. Ron B says:

    thats plain mad skillz right there.

  10. om1kron says:

    The next time someone wants to make a damned video mocking ken block, please drive your car like that so you at least are showing him you don’t need 4wd to get out of deep space angle.

  11. matias says:

    i think that was awesome !!!!
    and not fake ! check this crazy entry
    a lot like this one !
    great page bye !

  12. stephan says:

    wow that was amazing!!!

  13. ando says:

    …that was just insane! God damn impressive

  14. GroduceJunc says:

    That was Naasty!

  15. Absolution says:

    This is actually the Okayama Circuit.

  16. FefeM says:

    matias, that car is awd, it’s still impressive but not exactly the same thing

    such a sweet entry

  17. Yoshi Shindo says:

    WHOA…. that was like Forza 2 positive camber entrys LOL. Reverse angle entrys! simply amazing!

  18. julius michael says:

    its okayama circuit.. this entry just make u stare at the monitor with ur mouth open

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