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WEBMINING> VW Vanagons at Hockenheimring

While I spend most of my free time dreaming about JDM minivans, I often find myself wanting a sport-tuned German kid hauler. Germany seems to have an abundance of Porsche-powered VW Vanagons out there, and the Deutschlanders just love to take these hopped-up vans to the track. Here we have a vid of a blue VW T3 Vanagon tearing it up around the famed Hockenheimring.

While it’s hard to pick a favorite van, the campervan seen at the 0:40 mark is my favorite just because it’s so absurd. Anyone out there want to help my dreams come true by setting up a Vanagon vs. Estima race?

::Justin Kaehler

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  1. Anakin

    I never realized you could get a vanagon to go that fast. Do these do double duty as soccer mom transports for German hausfraus?

  2. AAAAH.
    Explains a lot to me.
    There’s one near my house, on 964-911 Carrera rims (pretty aggressive fitment!), with what looks like an exhaust from a 914 Porsche.

    I thought I was seeing things.

    Thank you, MotorMavens, for helping me realize I was NOT hallucinating.

  3. Mr. Moons

    Personally I’m hoping to get my hands on a nice Ford Aerostar 5-speed (I like the short overhangs and the rareness).
    P.S. – Scott, get pics.

  4. Moons: Trust me. I was digging for my phone, but unfortunately, i have a stupid BB Storm, on which the camera sucks.

    And it was nighttime.

    BELIEVE ME. If i see it again, I will follow him home.

  5. Estima FTW. My aunt had a Vanagon when I was a kid; I remember riding in that thing. But if she was really dope, she woulda rocked an Estima or even a Toyota box van (HiAce) with the old school ICE MAKER in the center console!!! So dope. I love what you do for me, Toyota.

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