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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! While we’re all celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday weekend with our families, we recognize that we’re all very thankful for a lot of great things that have happened in the past year – we’re very thankful to see that our new website has been growing in popularity, and we’re stoked to be getting lots of comments and interaction with more and more of our awesome readers.

After you get your fill of turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie, take some time to check out this new video from the Formula D Pro Am event this past weekend. It was produced by a new member to the Motor Mavens Crew, videographer Rob Strohmeyer from Las Vegas.

Rob isn’t just a videographer though… he’s a dedicated car guy! He has owned three SR20DET powered S13 coupes and a CA18DET S13 coupe (which he hated BTW haha), a 1994 PEP (Personal Equipment Package) FD3S RX7 with RE Amemiya aero kit, a 350Z with Vertex aero kit and Work VS-XX wheels, a GS400 with a 2JZGTE.

Rob just dropped this edit from the Pro/Am Nationals at Irwindale. I personally think his video has a great mix of action, pit area shots, and some cool dolly work. I think this video definitely captures the vibe of a grassroots event like this Pro Am, and we’re glad to have him as a new member of the crew. Welcome, Rob!

:: Andy Sapp

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10 Responses to “VIDEO> Strohmeyer Shoots Pro Am”

  1. Brian Casse says:

    This video makes me want a dolly so bad. Nice vid with some really awesome shots, keep up the good work.

  2. Brian Casse says:

    This video makes me want a dolly so bad. Nice vid with some really awesome shots, keep up the good work.

  3. mikeW says:

    I agree about this Video. Awesome touch with no real hardcore post processing filter! I can dig the dolly action. Brian if you want a Dolly they are quite affordable. Some PVC pipe and wood for tracks, and a piece of plywood with rollerskates/skateboard wheels mounted on the board to roll on top!

  4. SaNTi says:

    Awesome video. Like you said, great mix of everything. Dope!

  5. Edward Uche says:

    Really cool footage captured. Props for the chosen soundtrack as well. Welcome aboard Rob. Want to check out pics of your FD3s as well :)

  6. ImprezaKing says:

    Great video! Dope track!

  7. stevo says:

    great vid guys! awsoem everything lol

  8. Cornfeed says:

    That was great i love that video

  9. nineto5ive says:

    so they show Ivan’s 180 engine bay but none of it drifting…. Weak @ Sauce

  10. That was four minutes of awesomeness… :) And I *finally* found the purple 240SX I was looking for!! (The pastel/lavender-ish one with the wing and altezza’s… I saw that car being trailered a month or so ago. Couldn’t find it until now!!) Now I wanna go see this in person. :D

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