WEBMINING> Hachiroku turns it 360!

One of the many things I love about the AE86 is its nimble handling. Look at the tight area in which this driver pulls off this maneuver and you’ll understand exactly what I mean – short, sweet, and to the point. Hachi lovers I hope you are watching and paying close attention to the in-car footage – there will be a pop quiz when you least expect it. Samuel Hubinette may have borrowed this as his signature move, but this Hachi turns it out!


:: Travis Hodges

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11 Responses to “WEBMINING> Hachiroku turns it 360!”

  1. Al says:

    That video is SUPER OLD. That was on the Drift Tengoku video.

  2. Jeremy Brown says:

    Is the nimble handling a side-effect of the short wheelbase or the super lightness?

  3. Shuriken says:

    So Al – should this have been posted under “Archeology” instead of “Webmining”?

  4. mike peters says:

    whats a 360?

  5. Kid Karola says:

    That’s classic!

  6. Nicky says:

    Archeology or not this is impressively beautiful!

  7. Cornfed says:

    That was an ok video so yea

  8. Al says:

    it shouldn’t have been posted. shits old.

  9. ImprezaKing says:

    Hey Al, It might be old to you but not everyone’s seen this before. I hadn’t and I thought it was hot to see car control like that in such an uncontrolled environment – going downhill on a twisty mountain road. Everything’s old to somebody so maybe they shouldn’t post anything on MotorMavens right? That’s why there’s a scroll bar – if you’ve seen it before move on and let the less informed ones like me watch and comment. I’m sure there’s got to be SOMETHING you’ve never seen before on here – why don’t you go comment on one of those?

  10. LOL stupid Al. Give Travis a break man! Yeah the video IS old to those of us who have been in the AE86 scene for a long time, but our site has a lot of readers who aren’t quite as OG in the 86 scene or as knowledgeable on the Japanese vids as you homie! No wonder everyone on the internet is always pissed at you. hahahahaa

    I’m going up to the bay for a photo shoot soon, let’s kick it. I’ll make sure to tell Travis to check with you before he posts up any ruckus videos so you don’t yell at him and tell him it’s old. LOLLL

  11. oscar says:

    Crazy, I’ve never seen the full video. I need a Corolla :(

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