WEBMINING> Nurburgring Nordschleife Battle!

Yesterday I was talking to our web designer Andy Sapp on the phone about some MotorMavens site updates we’re planning, and the topic of driving events came up. Andy just got his driving fix handled this past weekend by bringing his E46 BMW drift car to the DMGGASD private event in Tennessee (videos to come soon!), but lately I’ve been trying to get some extra parts and money together so I can get my empty AE86 shell back together and take it to the track. I’m not talking about my AE86 street car; I’m referring to a completely virgin red AE86 hatchback rolling chassis that I’ve owned and had in storage for years. Well, it was a complete car until I stripped it and removed the engine and transmission (good job, dummy!), and it’s been sitting for wayyyyy too long so I need to re-assemble it.

So after we were talking, I began thinking about how I wanted to drive Nurburgring Nordschleife really bad when I visited the track for the first time last year… but I couldn’t because I was extremely busy with our two month, four country automotive photography mission, capturing content for Speedhunters when I was still working on building up the SH site with Mr. Chong from EA Games.

Doing a little webmining this morning, I found this really cool video from Race-media.tv of a Dodge Viper battling it out with a Porsche 911 GT3 RS Cup at Nurburgring’s amazing Nordschleife course.

Which one would you rather drive? I’ve driven a few Dodge Vipers on the racetrack before, and I also got the opportunity to test drive a Porsche GT2 last year when I was at Porsche Leipzig. For me, the answer is the Porsche. No questions asked. However, I have some friends who are just huge fans of massive, front engined, big horsepower monsters like the Viper.

I wonder which car our readers would prefer? The raw power and brute force of the Viper? Or the aggressive finesse of a Porsche?

:: Antonio Alvendia

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10 Responses to “WEBMINING> Nurburgring Nordschleife Battle!”

  1. MaydayJohnP says:

    Would rather Drive the Porsche, hands down.

  2. Stephane says:

    Next time you come in Europe, i’ll take you for a ride on the Green Hell with the M3 ;)

  3. Hechtspeed says:

    As awesomesauce as the Vipers are, I’d go with the Porsche. The second car I ever got to drive was my dad’s ’75 914. 4 Wheel drifts (my dad driving, me sitting shotgun) in the mountains with that little flat 4 was such a memorable moment at 16 years old. I prefer smaller, light weight cars. Plus, the modern Porsche’s are just so epic of a racecar. I’m a wuss when it comes to big power, it scares me :) ha ha. I prefer the challenge of driving a less powerful, lighter weight car up against a bigger powered car.

  4. Jeff says:

    The GT3 RS cup.

    However, I want nothing to do with any race with that amount of half-speed traffic on track.

  5. kOOpA says:

    porsche, seems more nimble. i’ll take a fun chassis over straight line accel any day.

  6. Live Sockets says:

    buy wes’ built 16v hachi and bring it out to grip day next weekend. we’ll be there w/ the usual suspects.


  7. @Stephane: hell no, I’m jacking your car keys and taking your car out there myself! You can film! haha

    @Jeff: the thing is, nordschleife is soooo cool even WITH the slow traffic. they have buses going around the ring, for crying out loud!

    @thuy: nah it’s cool, i dont want wes’s car. i like my car. cleannnnn! haha

    @Mayday, Koopa, and Hechtspeed: i totally agree!

  8. D1RGE.EXE says:

    I don’t care. I’d ride my freakin skateboard around Nordschleif if I could. Driving either one of these supreme vehicles would be just plain awesome.

  9. Cody Ace says:

    It’s a coin toss for me. “In a perfect world” It would ahv ebeen nice to put the Viper up front to see the difference in cars. Hard to say if the Porsche is really the better car, or of the Porsche Driver was the better driver ya know?

    Either way, a great video Love hearing the sounds of that Lazy John Deere!

  10. krikkit says:

    I’d be on the back of D1′s skateboard. Just get me on the track!

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