WEBMINING> Rogansan's Rootbeer RPS13

Real quick before you get your Thanksgiving Holiday started… I just wanted to post up these pics of Logan “Rogansan” Yoshida’s car – this metallic brown RPS13 240SX/180SX. I think that metallic brown is such an awesome color… maybe it’s because my very first car was also metallic brown with white wheels, but I think the color would look good on an AE86 coupe, on a Civic, on a GS400, and it definitely looks good on this RPS13.

Above is an old photo of Logan’s car… full aero, kouki tails, a roof wing, an understated lip wing and some authentic Nismo wheels in white?! Come on. Recipe for success.

Here’s another view, so you can see how good these wheels look. OG Nismo, not Rota fakies.

I like the burnt titanium shift knob and e-brake button from A-spec, as well as the authentic Works Bell quick release hub. Logan wouldn’t settle for putting a fake Chinese quick release hub on his car. He doesn’t seem to mind the fake Gucci shift boot though. Hahah, that’s cool.

Here’s how the car sits currently, with Volk Racing CE28N wheels. Check out the full specs at ROGANSAN.com and contact him if you’re interested in buying it!

:: Antonio Alvendia


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12 Responses to “WEBMINING> Rogansan's Rootbeer RPS13”

  1. Tree says:

    such a dope car. can i be like that other website and ask for wallpaper quality photos? LOL

  2. Logan says:

    Thanks Antonio, so ashamed though cause my photo taking skills are below beginner!

    And wait what, Gucci never made 240SX shiftboots? I better have a talk with that guy in the downtown LA alley then…haha

  3. jdmsteve says:

    antonio will trade you one of his telephoto lenses for ur car =P

  4. Shuriken says:

    OOhhhhh! That’s sexy!

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  6. phil o. says:

    Great looking s-chassis for sure. What happened to the OG Nismos though…? The Volks just don’t fit the bill after seeing the first two pics haha.

  7. Hechtspeed says:

    Metallic Brown + White wheels = Rootbeer Floater! I’m a big fan of brown paint on cars. I dig white wheels on anything as well.

  8. Revgasm_Josh says:

    nice car dookie brother. Wish you wouldnt sell it!

  9. Haha, you guys and some of the car touches…. Gucci shift boot? Man, I swear I’d be ripped apart for that. How come guys can get away with something like that, or painting a car pink, but I feel like I’d be skewered for it because I’m a girl? :P Those Nismo wheels should’ve went to me… I want white wheels for my S13.

  10. cornfed says:

    That car is sick, I love the inside and the car itself

  11. Logan says:

    Nismos I borrowed from a friend for a minute

    I went with CE’s since I love silver on brown and no one had done CE’s on a S chassis almost ever

  12. Eduard says:

    The car doesn’t have not enough style

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