COVERAGE> Garage Zero in Atlanta

The guys at Georgia-based Garage Zero had an open-house to their newly-acquired facility located just outside Atlanta’s perimeter. Aren’t familiar with Garage Zero? Well, it is time you get acclimated. These guys are all about old school Japanese car lifestyle and culture. To put it in simpler terms, these guys make “keeping it real” seem passé. Their new facility houses an eclectic mix of classics and wild project-cars.

Have a look at this RA21 Toyota Celica with super wide SSR Mk-3 wheels. Love it.

Restore, Relive, Represent. Garage Zero is one crew that is proud of their passion for classic Japanese cars and culture.

Outside, we found David Morgan’s cleanly painted TE27 Corolla, which houses a 3TC, mild work and a 2TG [twin-cam] on the way.

Right inside the facility, you are immediately greeted by this Datsun 521 pickup. This truck seems to sport its age with pride. Its blemishes, rust, and 70′s Georgia license plate give it a distinct attitude.

I couldn’t help but chuckle that this TE38 wagon was being used as a catering table. I also can’t help but think that the food did taste better coming off the hood. You can catch this car terrorizing the streets with the growling hum of side-draft carb induction.

This TE38 wagon avoided the fate of it’s brother, and was perched outside snack-less.

Speaking of snacks, this father-son combo seemed to be enjoying some eats atop theirr 1969 Pluto Beige MS53 Toyota Crown. It isn’t everyday you see one of these cars… let alone a sight like this!

Here we have a wild project. Eddie Untachantr’s 1976 TE31 Corolla, on it’s way to madness with a Lexus V8 [1UZFE] motor in its engine bay!

Eddie’s TE31 can usually be seen at Southeast Drift events, and always turns heads when it slides. It will be interesting to see (and hear) this car under V8 power!

When Eddie isn’t drifting his TE31, he can definitely be seen drifting his AE86 coupe!

Garage Zero isn’t only friendly to classics. Here we have one of Justin Stringer’s many projects: a widebody S14 drift car. It looks like it is coming along nicely!

The RA21 Celica ST that you saw in the first photo may have a lot of imperfections here and there (like this crooked Celica emblem), but that is what makes it unique. Garage Zero seems to embrace these blemishes as a part of their heritage and style.

The rear end of this Celica coupe looks really clean. Man those wheels stick out like crazy though!

It looks like the 18RC motor is being swapped out for a carbed 4A-G. Just to the left of the Celica, you see another one of Garage Zero’s wild projects… an AE86 Levin.

This AE86 coupe has an comfortably planted LS1. It also has an S14 rear subrame. This will be a wild machine when it is all done.

Stay tuned for more from the Garage Zero open house!

:: Andy Sapp

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40 Responses to “COVERAGE> Garage Zero in Atlanta”

  1. OMG. GET THE F OFF THE HOOD OF THAT CROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That thing is RARE and it looks like it’s clean in the pics, so please show it some respect and don’t screw it up by putting heavy objects (like full grown men) on the hood!!!

    And I hope Eddie and the Garage Zero guys don’t cut up the super clean body of that RA21 just to put those wheels on it. That would be such a waste of a clean Celica body, which are pretty hard to come by these days.

    I wanna see more pics of Eddie drifting his TE31!!! =)

  2. La Carrera says:

    clean celica. yeah, don’t cut it up!

  3. Richard Rabe says:

    wow, i’ve always wondered if anyone was ever gonna do an LS1 AE86. now i see that. daaaaaaaaaaamn.

  4. Edward Uche says:

    Word. Im digging garage zero. I spy a series4 GXL FC alongside that blue TE27 pic :) Awesome story.

  5. Phaze2 Henry says:


  6. efcivicman says:

    Loving garage zero can we have a feature on the v8 te31 plese and the ls1 AE86 when finished please.

  7. Aieeeee, I want them ALL.

    My husband hates that all the cars I want are from the ’70′s, ’80′s or ’90′s, LOL. I can’t help it, that’s what I like! It would be a dream to have a garage with an E30 M3, an AE86, a 240Z, a Europa, an MK1, etc.

  8. La Carrera says:

    Meg, it sucks that you’re more of a car guy than your husband! That being said… there are plenty of men that read this site that love girls who love cars! So how YOU doin? ;)

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  10. Thanks for the words, everyone!

    We knew the shot of Charlie and his Crown would get some love…lol. It was quite a hike for him to bring it back to Atlanta. He loves it and would do it no harm. The hood is fine.

    @Antonio – We hope to have the te31 ready for 2010. –can’t wait to drive it.

    Thank you Andy and the Motormavens crew for all the love and support!

    Garage Zero

  11. P1erre says:

    LSX powered AE86 ?! MOAR !!!!!!!

  12. Dope, I’d love to work at a garage like this someday.

  13. Corey{EL42} says:

    This is awesome,especially knowing it’s somewhere local(in the metro atlanta area). MotorMavens did the right thing by featuring Garage Zero.

  14. Kid Karola says:

    With some bolt on flares the RA21 will be dope! even with all the little imperfections ;’)

  15. Howard says:

    I’M thinking a heavy engine like a 1UZ in a light car like a te31 would make it plow due to the front heavy nature of such a setup. It sounds like it would be hard to steer with all that weight up front.

  16. Showa Kuruma says:

    NO WAY is it dope to bolt on flares to a vintage japanese car that has clean original fenders.

    not dope at all.

    DOPE is fitting wide wheels under the factory clean fenders… unless the fenders are all messed up and rusted to shit, then it’s ok to drill into the car and add flares.

  17. moss13 says:

    You guys are def. living the dream! Even more happier that y’all made to MotorMavens!

  18. byron h. says:

    awesome write up on an awesome shop! so many cool projects.

    I think tha plan for the RA is flares.

  19. Hechtspeed says:

    Whoa, LS1 powered AE86? Wow! Nose heavy? ha ha Cool shop for sure. I did cringe a little too when I saw that guy and his son sitting on that 40 year old hood. :)

  20. nickRico says:

    awesome seeing a local shop getting some coverage. Looking forward to watching some of these project cars in action.

  21. Cameron says:

    damn, justins still not done with that kouki. lol. its all good though cause im still not done with my s13!


  22. Showoff says:

    Looking at that 69 Crown… oh how I miss my MS55 Crown. I only got this vid to remember –

  23. kyusha kai says:

    that crown looks awesome…

    and i agree with those guys up there ^^^. that celica’s fenders are way too clean to chop for flares. that’s the reason why i’ve decided to stay flare-less with my z. i just don’t have the heart to take a cutter to it when there are tons of rusty project cars out there.

  24. shawn says:

    Thanks for having all of us out Eddie. The shop is way rad and so many cool cars to look at… and not to mention so much amazing food. <333

  25. pholife says:

    pretty cool that they are in ATL……but nothing special if it happen in SGV! INFINITWHEELS! salamat pare

  26. Slappy says:

    Garage Zero = good peoples

  27. Charlie says:

    First off, thanks to everyone concerned about my hood. But i assure you it is very solid. If there was ever a japanese car fit for a pinic it’s my car. Just sitting there with my boy was truly a great experiance for me, he even ate chili for the first time!

  28. Charlie says:

    BTW_if anyone else took pictures of us on the crown please email me them. Thanks!

  29. John Lewis says:

    BTW if anyone is looking for clean celica just call or send a email. We got tabs on at least 6 of them with in a hours drive of Atlanta that are just as clean.

  30. Zul says:

    i love all the cars especially the celica

    heck i even like the shirt, triple R, restore relive represent, that is just perfect

  31. herbrockone says:

    Good read. I really love that celica, first off I really dig that olive avocado green. It’s always been one of my favorite colors and with all it’s blemishes gives it that rustic look like rat rods. The other WOW goes to the Celi with the 4ag. Not too many peeps on this coast swap’em but let’s face it 18rgs are so far and few to find anything for it these days. Hopefully you do a follow up on their projects. I’m curious to see the 86 with the LS1, that just looks nuts.

  32. Sarcasmo says:

    Meg, you’re a car guys dream gal. Motor Mavens is a coolass site.

  33. christse says:

    Loving that Celica too! Is that a factory colour?

  34. Glides says:

    Yea, my friends at Garage Zero are the ultimate coolness. The shot of my truck is superb. Many props are in the air to GZ!

  35. Saint says:

    Awsome I have to drive up there and check them out.

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  37. Milton Lightfoot says:

    How can I get some help or info on rebuilding or a replacing my 20R???

  38. @Milton: Where are you located? If you need someone that’s incredibly knowledgeable about old Toyotas and if you’d like to keep it 20R or some sort of related R series engine (18RG, 22R, etc) then I’d recommend that you speak to my friend Dalton if you’re in Atlanta. I’d recommend different people depending on your geographical location… Los Angeles or Miami or Seattle for instance, I’d recommend different shops. LMK

  39. Asiri says:

    Could anyone tell me the color code of david morgan’s cleanly painted TE27. it’s gorgeous….

  40. Luis Mendoza says:

    I also have an ae86 coupe trueno , and was wondering how much money would i have to stack up to swap in a ls in it

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