VIDEO> 5Axis DJ Hero 2: Scion xB

We showed a snapshot of the new 5Axis Scion xB at the SEMA show back in November… here’s a closer look at some of the details of the car, as shot real “quick style” with Antonio’s Canon S90 point&shoot pocket camera.

What we really like about this Scion xB is the fact that it’s the first time we’ve seen anyone make the newer Scion xB look really, really cool. Think about it – DJ equipment, dancefloor and strobelights aside… we think if Troy Sumitomo, the man behind 5Axis, made those flares, wheels and fender mirrors available for your everyday Joe Schmoe Scion owner to buy… well, we’d see a lot more second gen xBs on the road that actually look cool.

After all, we can definitely picture a guy who owns a fully built KP61 Toyota Starlet with TRD N2 works fender flares driving a widebody Scion xB like this as his daily driven commute car, even with the automatic transmission. We think these flares and wheels would be a hit… (Antonio was already trying to figure out what other cars those wheels would fit on) but what do you guys think?

:: Travis Hodges

PS: Don’t you think this xB would fit perfectly in the DJ Hero booth at a big video game convention, like E3?

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5 Responses to “VIDEO> 5Axis DJ Hero 2: Scion xB”

  1. Lol, the S90 is awesome. I considered that and the G11 as my next point and shoot camera. The XB is so cool with the retro N2 styled fender flares!

  2. MaydayJohnP says:

    “Thats an awful lot of usage of the N word at the LA Auto Show”, rofl

  3. ImprezaKing says:

    I’m with MaydayJohnP! Can’t help laughing at that comment – You’re killin’ me over here! Dope xB…

  4. Jeremy Brown says:

    I wish they would have a DJ mixing in the back while they drive the car on the street in a promotion or something.

  5. Hechtspeed says:

    Agreed, the xB2 is a fail! Until you go wide fender and wheel on it. But, that makes most any car cool! :) Cool vid! Need More Vid!

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