VIDEO> Night Drift in Warsaw

Warsaw Night Drift from InterCars on Vimeo.

This short, yet incredibly sweet video hails from Poland, where it looks like they had a competitive drift event on (closed) public streets! Not only does it look like they are blasting through downtown Warsaw, it even looks like they are pummeling their drift cars across cobblestone roadways! This video has some nice build up to it, with some simple, yet effective motion graphics. One place I think this video really shines is it’s emphasis on sound design. I think a lot of people tend to forget that the audio is half of the viewing experience. I hope to see a lot more videos like this from the InterCars camp.

:: Andy Sapp

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15 Responses to “VIDEO> Night Drift in Warsaw”

  1. Matt says:

    Sick video, but no comment about the damn turbo corvette!!?? that thing is sick!

  2. GeoS says:

    Take a look at another polish production:

  3. GeoS says:

    Another polish production (as I dont know if previous comment was saved):


    !!! AW SNAKE EYES! THIS IS RAD! WOW… Astounding picture quality in this vid, what camera was this shot in? The soundtrack kicks ass most videos have crappy sound that mostly disconnects you from the raw excitement, all action sweet. And about those the cars, DAMN!

    I wanna roll to Poland now.

  5. from the low light shots, it looks like a Canon DSLR??? Awesome vid!

  6. ImprezaKing says:


  7. Horacio Z Flores says:

    Antonio, that is exactly what i was thinking. Probably a 5d MII. Regardless of the Cam, this low lit vid ROOOCKS! Those damn E30′s are haunting me…

  8. Great video post Andy. Video is definitely well done and the music choice worked out great!

  9. Jeremy says:

    Another great vid from this guys

  10. Mucci says:

    Woooaahhh. A.MAZING editing job. Videos like this make me wish I went into film.

  11. nick says:

    Vette doin’ 1/4mile in 8.88. It’s a drag car

  12. andiqqqq says:

    Yup the guy from E302JZ monster is my buddy Bartosz Chrzanowski. He is realy skilled driver and his skills has born in the streets. He was first person that got 100pts for run in Polish drift championships. Intercars is their sponsor teamname is VTG.

  13. BaMmAsS says:

    2j’ed e30? FUCKING SICK.

    Yes, more on the insanity of that gigantic snail on the vette

  14. Mikey says:

    wow. sick video!!!

  15. misslieze says:

    This is SIICCKKK! I wanna go street drifting :(

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