VIDEO> Risky Devil Puts the "Fun" in Funyuns

Fresh off the press! Here’s the newest video from Tim Tulov of T2 Films and AJ G. of the infamous Chicago drift gang Risky Devil. The two collaborated on this video to bring you what is probably the funnest Sunday ever! From hanging out with bums, to smashing into stuff, to paying off security guards…this video delivers.  Definitely give this video a gander, but I have to warn you this video contains some explicit language and it’s probably best to say its not work safe. Enjoy!

::Dax Rodriguez

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23 Responses to “VIDEO> Risky Devil Puts the "Fun" in Funyuns”

  1. brinkin says:

    Fucking Ilia, paying off security guards to drift the spot that killed his last car. Awesome.

  2. t2tim says:

    ahaha dope! Thanks guys for puttin the video up


    Tim you need to be driving an FC man. An RX7 T2 son!

  4. La Carrera says:

    man you guys are crazy, street drifting like that! i wonder how many sets of wheels and stuff you go through, busting thru curbs and whatnot all the time? wow

  5. Revgasm_Josh says:

    we have no touge =(

  6. Vince Voyuer says:

    Over Hyped ? ?

    how many fools do this in Socal or anywhere else and never put coverage yet alone spots are more hardcore

    anyone can start a blog,lay out the cash to make dope cars,make it seem theyve been it since way back , salt out coverage and over-hype themselves

    since 2007 …geez

  7. byron h. says:

    nothing says Chicago like paying people off.

  8. DB Pro says:

    uh oh. i smell an e-fight starting up…

  9. Section09 says:

    Risky Devil doesnt ufk around. Love these guys. Awesome vids!

  10. kOOpA says:

    ahahahahaha, awesome t2!

  11. Revgasm_Josh says:

    Dear antonio, can you please make “over hype” stickers. THANKS

  12. Mr. Chob says:

    Haha….people get so worked up over nothing these days huh? Why are you so mad?? I didn’t that we were all hyping this up….its news to me. I thought everyone was havin fun? I guess not….Hah..keep being mad. Check your blood pressure…it might be messed up. You must cry about everything huh?

  13. Revgasm_Josh says:

    i’ve been street drifting in an FR since 2003, it doesnt really matter as long as i’m still having fun in 2009 and so on.

    RD maybe established in 2007 but the luv for drifting and other motorsports go far before that. Once again, who cares.

    It’s not hype whatever so ever, as it still stands we’re just another bunch of kats doing irresponsible shit on the street, i personally luv watching footage of other people/crews in the U.S. Actually WE enjoy the culture so much WE WENT TO CALIFORNIA THIS SUMMER TO WITNESS and PARTICIPATE.

  14. @Josh: if you’re talking about going to Cali this past summer to witness and participate in some vietnamese coffee shop action, then TRUUUUUE. i was there to witness and participate in that. haha

    Much love to Risky because they’re our friends. Hype or no hype, site or no site, it’s all about real friends. And real friends always have a home on the Motor Mavens site!


    Josh and Chob, ay nako… dripting dripting, oberhype… OA naman. haha

  15. t2tim says:

    If u listen to the intro it has your name on it fam.

    drop me a line at

  16. Haha, dude is mad cause his Cali buds can’t afford a camera.

  17. Edward Uche says:

    More Ilia FC N/A-ness. I love it. Although Id like to see how he pushes the exciting limit in a 13bt. Bring it Ilia.

  18. Leigh Roto says:

    So dope to see this on MotorMavens! Thanks sir Antonio!

  19. @Leigh You’re welcome. :D

  20. haha says:

    um… dosent drifting require… angle? maybe.. speed? style?

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