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WEBMINING> Jay Leno Drives the SLS AMG

I’m not sure if all of our readers watch the new (reformatted/renamed) Jay Leno Show, or Jay Leno’s Garage… but personally, I’m a big fan of Jay Leno, but unfortunately I’ve never had the chance to run into him, even though the studio where they tape his show is less than five minutes away from my office.

Everyone who knows about Jay Leno knows that he is a huge fan of automobiles, and has a humongous car collection; he has so many cars that he even has his own personal hangars at the airport that are solely dedicated to housing his incredible collection of cars. It’s like having a bunch of Hot Wheels die cast, only Jay’s collection is 1:1 scale, and he can drive every single one of them!

Well, since he is Jay Leno after all, Mercedes gave him a chance to test drive their new SLS AMG Gullwing on the streets, and again since he is Jay Leno, he was able to have a film crew document it. (He didn’t need to shoot it guerrilla style by himself with a Canon point&shoot camera, like some other car lovers we know.) He even started out the video with a clip of his own 1955 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing!

That’s soooo dope! Once Toyota comes out with the FT86 in the USA, I need to shoot one of those with one of my own AE86s!

::Antonio Alvendia

Jay Leno’s Garage
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6 Responses

  1. Edward Uche

    Awesome find Antonio. Jay really has access to some fine vehicles, the gullwing being one of many. I like the original gullwing he restored though, it sat really nice and light weight aggressive.

  2. ImprezaKing

    Jay Leno is a real car guy. I can’t think of a better compliment. Put him together with that awesome new AMG version of the SLS Gullwing and I’m watching the video over and over again. What are the chances Motor Mavens could get Leno to let you guys feature a few of his cars or something?

  3. Downhill Racer

    man that car looks awesme. jay leno is lucky to be able to have both gullwings under one roof! did he buy the new one too?

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