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WEBMINING> The Golden Years of DTM

I was just surfing around on Facebook right now and found this Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft (DTM) video, posted by a guy named Samuel Oune. I had the privilege to attend a DTM race at Nurburgring last summer… but as exciting and fun as it was, it was nothing like this! Just look at the Mercedes Benzes flying through the air!!! A W E S O M E.

Aside from me, who wants a Mercedes Benz 190E 2.3 16valve and an E30 M3 now?!

:: Antonio Alvendia

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6 Responses


    That was the best old school DTM video to DATE! Hardcore, like it should be. I have a wrecked E30 M3 that I gotta post for sale. Damn I miss my old car.

  2. EPIC times in racing and DTM champ !!! dope video ! you can also see some Ford Sierra’s, alfa romeo’s 75 and 155 and some audi 80 at the end …. vey nice car’s too !!!

  3. That was Touring Car Racing, i dont like the “new” DTM cause its boring like formula1 and soccer… They have formula1 cars with some more cfk around them, if they lose some flaps or spoilers they cant drive anymore and the cars have nothing to do with the stock original Cars…

    Thats why i only look WTCC, Porsche Cup and Rally on TV, in my eyes they are the last real Race Drivers left! They fight, they rumble, they drive hard and thats sports!

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