NEWSWORTHY> The Mighty FC Returns to FD

Yes, the rumors are true. The green FC3S RX7 that we all know and love is returning to Formula D competition!

A lot of our Facebook friends have been talking about this for a couple days already… but I just figured I should probably post this on the website too, since there are a lot of people out there who read our blog, but aren’t necessarily in the know about the latest news in the world of Formula Drift. Yes again… contrary to popular belief, there are still people out there who aren’t checking Facebook every five seconds. It suddenly dawned on me when I casually mentioned the FC’s return to a friend of mine today, and he was like, “Whaaaaaaat?! No wayyyyy!”

I just got off the phone with Justin Pawlak, the driver of this awesome green rotary monster. Even though he and Bergenholtz Racing have parted ways in the professional drifting world, Justin is quick to dispel any rumors in the mill by saying, “Ron and I are definitely still cool. In fact, I just spoke to him on the phone earlier today. We just have different ideas and figured it would be best to go split the team up.”

While their timing is certainly less than perfect, with the 2010 Formula D season approaching very, very quickly… I’m sure both JTP and Ron B will make it happen for both of their respective drift teams. Justin says, “Ya know what? I just realized I had more qualifying points than anyone else in the 2009 Formula D season.” He’s sure to make a strong statement this year, whether he has solid financial backing or not.

And Ron Bergenholtz? Well, if anyone has any doubts about Bergenholtz Racing’s ability to have a strong presence in Formula D this year, let me just remind you that he (and his brother Ed) didn’t win all those NHRA Wally awards and get inducted into the NHRA Museum for nothing. In professional drag racing, Bergenholtz Racing proved that an underdog actually can compete against (and beat) competitors with big dollar corporate funding. As long as there’s a will, there’s a way.

Bergenholtz Racing will be revealing their official plans for 2010 on Thursday, along with publicly announcing the new driver they’ve signed to pilot their blue Mazdaspeed RX8.

If you’re a fan of JTP and his FC3S, and you want to help him find sponsors for the 2010 season, please visit Justin Pawlak’s Official Blog by clicking this link. Justin says, “Please don’t mind the ghetto GoDaddy banner, cause my webpage was FREE. haha. I might have a ghetto banner on my blog, but at least I got REAL VOLKS on my car.”

Hell yeah, Justin. Word.

:: Antonio Alvendia

Justin Pawlak’s Official FC3S Blog

MotorMavens Readers' Blog

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13 Responses to “NEWSWORTHY> The Mighty FC Returns to FD”

  1. seaninc says:

    Yes! The RX-8 was cool and all, but it just didn’t have the style of this mean, green machine. Tear it up JTP!

  2. Showa Kuruma says:


    how can we help this guy?

  3. Edward Uche says:

    LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! The mighty FC cometh…

  4. Frey says:

    awesome picture!

  5. Jack says:

    No wonder he called to buy more TEs from me.

    GL JTP.

  6. N/Aontherun says:

    Sad to see that he’s going to part ways with the RX-8, but more excited to see the FC BACK!!~

  7. Hechtspeed says:

    Right on! Love that car. Thanks for posting his blog too. Added that to the daily blog check…

  8. Jeremy Brown says:

    You know what, I did wonder why he didn’t just set up a WordPress blog instead of running with GoDaddy, but that last line was so awesome I don’t care anymore.

  9. Cam says:

    war jtp

  10. THANK GOD. JTP lost points with me (and I am sure a bunch of 7club members) when he changed to that ugly sin. Glad to hear he is going back to beast mode. +7 browning points back to him.

    Now I am awaiting that supposed FC vert that people were talking about a while back that he was working on.

  11. Edward Uche says:

    I want that 20b from the RX8 taken out and put into this green FC : ) Best of both worlds.

  12. Ben says:

    yay maybe he will rep project a spec again? wink wink hint hint. michigan drifting is where its at

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