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WEBMINING> A Filthy Benz

There is something about this photo that appeals to me. Surely the creators of the Mercedes Benz SLC 500 never pondered it’s potential as a rally machine, but here she is – caked in grime, looking right at home sliding through the mud! I like the juxtaposition of a luxury symbol racing through the filthiest of conditions. Perhaps I feel a connection with this photo because of my passion for BMW drifting.

Regardless, you can’t deny that the brush guard, cracked windshield, and soiled decor prove that this car is strictly business… and according to this snapshot, business is good!

:: Andy Sapp

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6 Responses

  1. ImprezaKing

    Mercedes Benz Beyond Thunderdome! Mad Max would have driven this if it was available with mounted spear guns and a flamethrower.

  2. Will Pratt

    MB actually did go rally racing. Rallying was there first return to racing after the disastrous 1955 season where a 300 SLR went into the crowd at Le Mans. http://northernresource.com/mercedes/107-slc.htm

    The big cars were evidently something to see since they were racing Ford Cortina’s and such. They did not do too badly considering that Mercedes had never fielded a rally team. The cars were very similiar to the production SLC including racing with an automatic transmission. http://northernresource.com/mercedes/107-slc.htm

    Today you can have one built in Europe. They compete in vintage rally’s. http://www.rally24.com/rally-cars-for-sale/rally-car-718.html

    Like your site, I too am an admirer of the weird and the fast.

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