WEBMINING> New Shoes on the Shakotan S12!

Guess who got some new kicks? This is Henry Nguyen‘s shakotan S12 200SX sure is breaking hearts with its shiny new shoes. Forget those played out Bapes, kid… it’s all about the classic Japanese styling of Speed Star Wheels.

More specifically, 15x9J (-17) SSR Mk3 up front, and 15x9J (-27) SSR/Longchamps XR4 wheels out back. With the front chin spoiler, and rear wing. Definitely a Heartbreaker, damn son.

:: Antonio Alvendia

Lowdown Heartbreaker S12 200SX

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24 Responses to “WEBMINING> New Shoes on the Shakotan S12!”

  1. fakerims says:

    what size/profile tire are you running?

  2. ThunderDrift says:

    oh mannn… those are the REAL version of what I have… :(

    this car’s SUPER clean though. It’s like a hachi-XL!

  3. N/Aontherun says:

    DAMN! That thing is FRESH!

    Add some S30 fender flares and connect the front ones to that front lip. YUM!

  4. ImprezaKing says:

    Ouch! Dass Hot!

  5. Oh no, ThunderDrift. Fake SSR Mk3s definitely break MY heart. I sacrificed at an early age so my AE86 could have authentic SSR Mk3s since 1999. Sigh…

    Shoulda widened those Supras or something!

  6. Kyusha Kai says:

    DAMMIT, YOU GUYS ARE MAKING MY NEW WHEELS LOOK LIKE CRAP!!! hahahaha, heartbreakers are killing the game right now.

  7. MaydayJohnP says:

    Man I love this S12. <3

  8. [...] more here: WEBMINING> New Shoes on the Shakotan S12! – MotorMavens tags: breaking-hearts, classic, henry, henry-nguyen, individual, japanese, [...]

  9. nismokid_5 says:

    im tellin you guys, the S12 is the new hachi!!!! the times are a changin’!!!! (jk, the S12 will never have a cult following like AE86.

  10. pholife says:

    ssr wheel here..infinitwheels.com

    i think we know something about ssr…super fins neos defis…
    we got chit your girlfriend wants!

    aite mideng son!

  11. Safe Gabe says:

    hey i’m in this picture. sweeeeet.

  12. HENRY! says:

    Haha, we even have our own tag now!

    the tires are 205/50 falken ziex 512′s and the 84 non-turbo’s come 4-link solid rear axle, so “hachi-XL” pretty much hits home.

    Damn, he said mi deng again!

  13. cornfed says:

    that car is hot and those wheels are sick

  14. stephan says:

    haha i have long champs in the front and ssr mk3s on the back of my corolla…car looks really good!

  15. stephan says:

    haha i have mk3 and longchamps on my corolla but the mk3 are in back…nice hachi…uh i mean s12 hehe

  16. Ronald M. says:

    Henry killing it again.

  17. Billy says:


    you make me want an s12.

  18. ThunderDrift says:

    haha antonio, I know… you TOLD me not to get’em… but it was too late.

    it’s okay, they look alright to the unknowing masses on my ’69 corona. I’m saving up for something REAL for the hachi…


  19. Kid Karola says:

    Heartbroken… I am just green with jealous rage right now!

  20. PLAGUE MURKZ says:

    P R O P E R fitted 200sx… you just dont ever see that. sick! when’s it getting the candy paint??? =]

  21. LloyD says:

    definitely sick !!!
    but wouldnt consider it shakotan ;)

  22. Lloyd… you don’t think it’s LOW?!

  23. Yuta Akaishi says:

    kore futsuu ni shakotan dabe.

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