WEBMINING> S13 Running Touge at Night!

For everyone who’s ever wondered why mountain racing in Japan has evolved from an illegal, underground activity into something that accidentally slipped into the “mainstream” via comic books, anime, movies, and more… you need to watch this video, which was sent to me by my friend Chihiro Yoshimura from PEAK, an all AE and KP chassis drift team from Kanagawa Japan.

The driver of this S13 Silvia is drifting through a mountain road with such little space to navigate and maneuver the car… it’s incredible! Now this is car control.

I can’t wait to get back to Japan.

:: Antonio Alvendia

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16 Responses to “WEBMINING> S13 Running Touge at Night!”

  1. Mike k says:

    Holy crap those F*ckers are crazy…good ish man

  2. ando says:

    That is an amazing video!


    whoa.. thats sick. i would have taken out so many of those center dividers trying to make that video, lol. good job by the chase car too

  4. MaydayJohnP says:

    Man, that is some control..what year does this video take place?

  5. Andy Sapp says:

    This is everything I love about drifting… and more.
    SO so sick!

  6. James says:

    Now I remember how my drift obsession started. Thank you for enabling.

  7. Jaime says:

    Woooooooowwwwww!!! And he was getting some nice angle in such a tight road!

  8. D1RGE.EXE says:

    Serious car control…never went out of the lane, never hit the cones on the inside, never went over the line on the outside….and the street is narrower than a San Francisco alley. Big big props!

  9. AUTONERD says:

    wow! is it my imagination, or did he manage to hit just ONE cone in the middle of like 30 at 1:44? awesome. vid.

  10. whitemugen86 says:

    AWESOME AND DOPE AS HELL vid !!! very underground touge racing ….


  11. ImprezaKing says:

    In every discipline there are “levels of nice-ness”. You’ve got sick streetballers who would get their heads handed to them by dudes who ride the bench in the NBA because the level of nice-ness that allows an NBA player to match up with (or excel against) his peers is hard to truly appreciate by the average dude. It’s that way in any situation where skill is required. This dude’s level of nice-ness would have been practically unimaginable to me if I hadn’t seen it in this video.

  12. PLAGUE says:


    who’s the driver?

  13. Oz10 says:

    I’ve been watching this video repeatedly for a long long time on youtube. It’s about time it got posted on here.

  14. kOOpA says:

    i about pooped my pants the first time i saw this. dude is nuts.

  15. @oz10 (and anyone else!) if you know of some dope photos or videos that we should post, and/or you’d like to contribute to the site, let us know!

    Everyone that knows what’s up and has good car style is more than welcome. We invite it. =)

  16. DD : Luke says:

    Its also a very speed up video clip, nice car control but sorta takes a little quality out of the video knowing its been speed up.. :(

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