VIDEO> Tuerck's Off Season

off seasons from Drift Alliance on Vimeo.

This awesome video gives a glimpse at what life is like for Formula Drift driver, Ryan Tuerck’s life may be like in the off-season. I really dig the way this was shot, and the fact that it really looks like it was done in one take. Hats off to Andy Laputka, and the DA camp for a job well done!

:: Andy Sapp

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9 Responses to “VIDEO> Tuerck's Off Season”

  1. Jaime says:

    That’s what i call gymkhana ;)
    Seriously, AWESOME & PERFECT. Well done Tuerck + Laputka!!

  2. Mucci says:

    Says private video.

  3. Richness says:

    Good stuff!

  4. hechtspeed says:

    Dang! That’s rad! Had me shakign my head out how cool! Cool turtle at the end!

  5. D1RGE.EXE says:

    Very sweet, well done vid :) Lets hope this does not become the next Gymkhana video, or else everyone gonna start hating on Tuerk like they did Block! Man….watching this at work really makes me feel like leaving. Forever.

  6. MaydayJohnP says:

    The best part IMO is @ 1:10 – 1:20, no tire marks = 1 take, great video!

  7. Roger says:

    Awesome! love the BloodBath stickers on the mirrors!

  8. [...] Long Beach, I was able to catch up with Ryan and tell him how dope I thought his “off season” drift video was. It was so cool to see him drifting his RPS13 through the empty grassy parking lot in the [...]

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