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WEBMINING> Super Fresh with BBS Mesh

Brandon Nero’s ’04 Jetta GLI from wagenwerks on Vimeo.

When I’m bored at work, I constantly listen to MP3s and surf the web. The other day, I decided to look at Volkswagen related videos because I was interested in finding more cars that looked similar to my friend Zach’s Well Dunn Passat.

I stumbled across this older video from Wagenwerks Productions, that featured a Volkswagen Jetta GLI owned by a guy named Brandon Nero. I think this video is sick – the music went well with the feel of the video. The Jetta is so simple and clean, yet it’s so aggressive! I gotta hand it to Brandon Nero, he made one dope looking Jetta! I obviously love the car’s super low stance, and the fitment of the BBS mesh wheels? Perfect.

While replaying the video about 4-5 times, I read the comments on the Wagenwerks Vimeo account and saw that they used roller blades to get all the moving camera shots! No fancy rigs or easy dollies used here! I can go on for days about how good this video is, but I think I’ll just shut up and let you watch. Awesome, right?

:: Yoshi Shindo

Well Dunn Passat on MOTORMAVENS

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8 Responses

  1. Tatiana

    Super well-done video. The video itself went really well with the car. Clean, simple, nothing to aggro. I’ve come to almost expect obnoxious burnouts and BMXers or skateboarders to be in car vids these days, haha! The car looks awesome. Beautifully lowered. Couldn’t fit a fart in the fender gap with a straw. But I do think the offset is just a tiny bit too aggressive on a FWD car.

  2. Ring Runner

    I don’t normally care about Jettas, but this one looks pretty nice! These guys did a great job with the video, and Brandon did a great job building the car!

  3. Bryson Sowler

    If anyone is wondering on the wheel specs, they are BBS RS’s in 17×8.5 and 17×10 with unknown et’s
    they are wrapped in falken 512’s 205/45/17

  4. Assubssix

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