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Hello MotorMavens readers! My name is Tamer Omran, and I’m a new writer on the MotorMavens website. Just to put it out there – I am somewhat of a euro-car nut (I used to be an intern at European Car Magazine) and I pretty much spend most of my extra time going to Euro-related events. I’m hooked – I love this stuff and I hope you can see the love in my future posts.

By now you’re probably thinking, “Enough already, dude, what’s up with the sexy car?” You may even be asking where I got the plane for this shot. Well, this picture was totally a fluke. While wandering aimlessly around AE Performance‘s shop, which is located at the Chino private air field, we happened to stumble upon this nice gentleman’s immaculate 1939 Lockheed executive twin prop plane. In the early 1940s, this was the plane of choice for shuttling around the ultra wealthy. Over 70 years later, it makes for an amazing shot, doesn’t it?

The Porsche GT3 is no slouch. It’s the embodiment of the whole “rear-engined sports car” vibe. Just climbing into one evokes a Zen-like feeling of oneness with the road. For me, what makes a Porsche so great (I mean, besides those sexy hips it calls fenders) is the tone the engine produces at idle or wide open throttle – siiiick. It’s everything from the undeniable racing pedigree to the fact that Porsche actually took out a patent on the 911 body style. Need I say more?

Straight out of the box, the GT3 is ready to conquer any track you throw at it. But for some people, that’s just not enough. This particular Porsche is for those people. For them, Porsche decided to put the GT3 on a strict diet regimen to shed some unnecessary weight – a mere 44lbs. “What good is that,” you say? Let me tell you – it makes a huge difference. So when I heard that the guys at AE Performance had a rare white Euro-spec 2007 Porsche GT3 RS sitting at their shop, I just had to check it out!

MotorMavens video shooter Travis Hodges and I made the trek out to AE Performance’s shop in Chino, CA to check out this immaculate track-driven Porsche GT3 RS. Beyond what you would expect from a GT3 RS, this one had a little something extra – it was converted to a European-spec RS. When it came time to set up the car and source the hard to find parts that separate this GT3 RS from the run-of-the-mill, the guys at AE Performance paid scrupulous attention to detail.

In my opinion, the wide track and low stance make this car so menacingly sexy. Now I know that many MotorMavens readers are used to modified Japanese imports with extreme negative camber and intense wheel offset. This particular GT3 RS doesn’t necessarily have that particular style, but maybe I can stimulate you with some history that you can use to impress the folks at your next wine tasting event.

The “RS” in GT3 RS stands for rennsport, which is German for “racing sport.” It’s a direct reference to Porsche’s racing heritage and a distillation of all the things that have made the 911 such a sought-after sports car for such a long time. It’s also named for the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) “GT” class in which it was designed to compete. So the next time you see the badge, consider the long racing heritage of the old school Porsche 911. A moment of silence, please…

Okay, back to business – and this interior is all business with the added rigidity of the roll cage and the race harnesses to keep its occupants safe. The carefully chosen parts make the AE Performance RS a clean, purposeful, great handling street-driven/track car contender. It almost has a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde persona – fully capable of just dawdling along within the city speed limits or (with a swift gear change and an aggressive thrust of the gas pedal) releasing its snarling inner beast.

The Porsche purists may have noticed that this is a white GT3 RS without decals, but that will have little effect on its value because it’s only one of the 55 that made it stateside. According to the Porsche GT3 Registry, there were a total of only 268 GT3RS models sold throughout the world in 2007. Most of the RS models to make it out of the Stuttgart factory in Germany were not US spec and were only available with the roll cage and Plexiglas rear window, which were deemed unsafe due to strict US crash regulations.

The RS is rolling on BBS Motorsports E88 19 x 12s in the rear and 19 x 9.5s up front, coupled with 15mm spacers to fill out those shapely rear fenders. Since this RS sees lots of track time, having ample stopping power is a major priority. To help with that, the Porsche carbon ceramic rotors and pads take care of business for hitting those corners just right. As far as suspension goes, the RS retains the stock Porsche GT3 cup coilovers, which are fully adjustable in height and dampening. GIAC (the European ECU performance tuning brainiacs) hooked up the ride with engine management software and a reflash to free up some extra horses from the 3.6 liter, horizontally-opposed flat 6. To help achieve that sweet exhaust tone that all car-nuts seek to perfect, AE Performance installed their own “race version”, 2.75 full stainless steel exhaust. Take it from me, the sound that this car makes is to die for! It has just the right pitch and throatiness to make any Porsche enthusiast quiver.

According to AE Performance’s Paul Dentice, when adding those wider BBS wheels “we ran into some clearance issues, so we opted for the front carbon over-fenders for a wider track and for added room for an aggressive tire combination.” To keep the occupants nice and sturdy in the corners, the stock GT3 RS seats were thrown out for some Status full carbon-fiber buckets.

I actually met the guys at AE Performance through their marketing director, Ryne O’Donnell at an event I attended three or four years back called the Targa Trophy. I ran into him again at last year’s Dubfest in San Diego. I like to believe that it was fate that conspired to have us shoot this beautiful car.

Now the guys at AE Performance don’t just specialize in Porsches, they also work their magic on Volkswagens, Audis, BMWs and they’ve currently opened their doors to the Nissan 370z and GT-R guys. What I also think is cool about AE Performance is that they hold track days for customers who really haven’t gotten the chance to go all out and test the full performance of their cars. As I soon found out after a little while just chatting with Paul, Casey, and Dustin, their knowledge of cars is top-notch and these guys are truly genuine car lovers. My conversations with these guys could go on forever and, believe you me, they’re well-equipped to answer any car questions or just give good advice.

I’d like to give a big shout out (and thank you) to the guys at AE Performance (especially Paul, Casey, and Ryne) for spending time with us while we were shooting the car and for being such gracious hosts, and also to Travis Hodges for shooting the photos for my story. I mean, check out that glamour shot (above)! Pure S-E-X! Haha!

::Tamer Omran

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22 Responses to “CARSPOTTING> AE Performance Porsche GT3 RS”

  1. mikaelhinojosa says:

    You are off to a great start. Keep shooting GT3′s and I will be happy!

  2. Josh says:

    Yeah awesome first post (even though I’m not a huge Porsche fan, I enjoyed the read). Keep it up!

  3. cornfed says:

    that car is crazy i want one but working at fedex wont get me one

  4. AWD ATTK says:

    Despite anticipating the newest RS with some unconventional colors that they are known for, the car is clean and a dead sexy track killer!

  5. I went to the Porsche factory/private racetrack in Germany to shoot photos and test drive a 911 GT2… but the Porsche test drivers I was hanging out with told me that if they were given the choice, they would rather drive/race the GT3RS.

    That says A LOT to me.

    Those guys get to drive ALL the new Porsches at 9/10ths and 10/10ths! Anyway, I just LOVE the front of this car. Since this is Paul Walker’s actual car, they should have put THIS car in the Fast & Furious movie instead of the cars they casted.

  6. Karl Karlsson says:

    The BBS E88 set it off perfectly! You mentioned they’re 19×9.5 & 19×12 with 15mm spacers on rear, but as Antonio always says “Offset is Everything”, any clues?

    I’ve been previlaged enough to go for a spirited drive in 997 GT3-RS and it is the most awe inspiring ride of my life! The Stuttgart engineers got it pretty much perfect… the updated GT3-RS 3.8 must be phenominal!

  7. ImprezaKing says:

    That shot with the plane is so freakin’ baller!

  8. Great job Tamer on your first post it was a nice heart-felt read. Keep writing you have a bright future in it. Not to mention the GT3RS is immaculate!

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  10. edris says:

    great first post homie, def enjoyed reading it!

  11. Edward Uche says:

    Awesome write up Tamer and thanks for making me miss working at Rusnak Porsche too haha. I miss seeing these types of fine machines on the daily.

  12. Tamer Omran says:

    @Edward thanks man , it was nice meeting you yesterday man. Thanks everyone for the comments.

  13. A blank GT3 RS. I’ve always wanted to say that. Add the amber tail option, and slight tint all around and it’d be 120% perfect.

  14. DUDE, TRAVIS, That photo of the Porsche and the plane, insanely awesome! That pic could be in Forbes or in an exotic car catalogue. It gave me the “Holy Sh!t face” when I first saw it, great work Travis.

  15. pholife says:

    Mr. A – they rather drive a cup car> gt3 rs> gt3> gt2> turbo…that says alot….

    come down to eltro this saturday and see some porsche racing maybe i take you a ride and show how we do it…….

    lovely article…..

  16. Tamer Omran says:

    @pholife Mr.A -thank you for the comment , whats going on this saturday ? El Toro air field?

  17. Kevin says:

    GT3 RS’s came with centerlock wheels right? How were they able to change that? Anyway, I think the car looks beautiful.

  18. Kevin says:

    GT3 RS’s came with centerlock wheels right? How were they able to change that? Anyway, I think the car looks beautiful. I also think that a car of this caliber deserves better seats. LOL.

  19. TamerOmran says:

    @ kevin , the new 2010 GT3 rs model has centerlocking wheels, the 2007 didnt have that option , Thanks for the comments guys, keep them coming.

  20. Kevin Truong says:

    Gorgeous focken Porsche!

  21. [...] I mentioned in my first post on MotorMavens, I am somewhat of a Euro car nut and I pretty much live for motorsports – from the sound to [...]

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