VIDEO> Simply Clean & Stance in Orlando

Simply Clean from Bluemotion on Vimeo.

Back in January I covered the Simply Clean + Stance event in Orlando Florida, which was completely awesome. I am saddened to hear that the next event may not be till November of this year… sad face!! I wish these guys would do a rotating event every 4-5 months or so to help promote proper car building. Cars with sunken wheels are 8 years ago people; change with the times! Flush wheels and no drop don’t count either!

Anyway, the video is awesome and so is the sound track. Quan Vu at Bluemotion did an awesome job, and from the looks of it, it involved a Canon 5D Mark II. Rock on man – for his first car meet video, I am simply stunned. The song “More More More” is from the upcoming LP by SOY Is Realso if you think it’s dope like I do, just watch the video over and over again.

Lastly, BIG THANKS to Simply Clean’s Nickoli for giving us the first shout out at the end of the video. You know I will be at the next one!!

If you want to view pictures of the cars that did not make it on the video and my coverage check out Nickoli’s link.

:: Scottie Scheetz

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13 Responses to “VIDEO> Simply Clean & Stance in Orlando”

  1. Hell, I guess I’ll be the first to leave a comment. Dope video, guys! Respect, Quan! Big ups to Nickoli and the guys behind Simply Clean… thanks a lot for the shout out too! Nice surprise! Let’s build and work on doing something together soon… get at me.


  2. Antonio!

    What’s up man?! Long time huh? Haven’t seen you since FD ATL 08 =P

    Thanks for posting the video on the blog guys! You know holds down the scene here in Florida. The Simply Clean event was produced in collaboration with Deepvision, Reign, Nick & the Stance guys.

    When you coming down here again Antonio? I think I’ve seen you only once in Orlando for that drift event a few years back for that drift event at the oval in Orlando Speedworld. Come out to Simply Clean 2 in the future…

    See you on the track at FD ATL? Time for some bbq & golf carts again haha…

  3. JJ says:

    get that mofo a bigger shirt, just playin, fresh vid

  4. Nickoli says:

    Thanks for the love guys. All of us here are happy to see something start a little buzz in Florida. This was the very first meet and it showed us that there is still a scene in Florida. Speaking on behalf of my other guys, we would love to do something with motormavens sometime.

  5. GarageZero says:

    Nice work, guys… always good to see stuff come out of the South!

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  8. nick r. says:

    Great video, I’m still kicking myself for missing this.

  9. Quan Vu says:

    Thanks for the comments guys… I’m gonna be shooting another big car video for the upcoming berrywise meet check it if you have a chance on the 28th of this month… but i’m gonna be trying some new things and it’ll be another awesome opportunity for florida to let itself be known around the world.. =)

  10. Quan, I am looking forward to the next video. I will be at the Berrywise Meet as well photographing.

  11. Quan Vu says:

    sup scottie.. sounds good! the more picstures, videos, etc.. the better… looking to make this year a good one for the florida scene.. ;)

  12. Ove H says:

    Nice vid guys! Keep up the good work!! :)

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