NEWSWORTHY> Monster Mustang Revealed

I just got back from Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory in Los Angeles, where Monster Energy Drink and Falken Tires were having a party to announce their big news. Of course, quite a lot of media people already knew about it before the party, as the email invitations weren’t exactly subtle; especially when several people kept asking me throughout the day, “Hey, are you going to the Monster party tonight?”

As with most of these types of shindigs, the event was pretty a much who’s who of the drifting, automotive, and beverage industries, mixed in with skaters, media people, and a whole lot of females. For me, it was fun because it was a chance to hang out and enjoy some laughs and the open bar with some of my industry friends, as well as meet some cool people from the grassroots drifting scenes in different states (and countries). While several people were out there trying to meet pro skater Rob Dyrdek (of the MTV show, Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory), Motor Mavens’ resident skate fiends Edward Uche and Justin Shreeve were just salivating at the chance to skate the ramps at the Fantasy Factory. (They got to skate for a little bit until the security guards came up and said, “you guys need to stop because your skateboards might hit someone, and we could get sued.” Aw man!

Regardless, I had a chance to chill for a bit with my buddy Vaughn Gittin Senior (JR’s dad) and congratulate him on the new venture. Man, he was just beaming, super proud of his son’s accomplishments thus far. So CONGRATULATIONS to Vaughn Gittin Sr. and to JR… we can’t wait to see that thing out on the track!

:: Antonio Alvendia

PS: For more pics from the party tonight (and by more pics, I mean pics of the girls that were in attendance)… then add Motor Mavens Crew on Facebook and check out our albums! The photo above was shot with my Canon S90 point and shoot pocket camera! (Too bad Eri moved a little though… I forgot to tell her it was a long exposure.)

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19 Responses to “NEWSWORTHY> Monster Mustang Revealed”

  1. AfroDrift says:

    ONE PIC ANTONIO?!?!?!? BOOOOO :) jelous of justin and gang, sounded like a blast.

  2. Justin Shreeve says:

    It was fun while it lasted!

  3. mikaelhinojosa says:

    Im sorry what were you saying? …I got a little distracted.

  4. scott t says:

    my head is pounding this morning, and i feel like i got punched in the stomach!

    damn open bar!

    Good seeing you (for that short while) last nite!

  5. Mickey says:

    DITTO Scott!

    Good seeing the MM crew last night! Good Times.

  6. Daredevil says:

    I can see the wheel gap from here! And I’m BLIND! But wait! My sixth sense is picking up…hot-tays! Nice!

  7. James Evins says:

    Awesome! :)

  8. DJ Zombie says:

    Is that Mustang part of the Monster off road team? It’s gonna be used in SCORE right?

  9. cornfed says:

    that is one pic come on man

  10. Edward Uche says:

    Such a awesome nite, mad fun skate invasion of the factory with Justin. Those Monster and Jack Daniels mixes were mighty potent :)

  11. Antonio Alvendia says:

    actually Ed, it was Maker’s Mark. Fun night! I still gotta add all the girls we met on Facebook! More photos will be uploaded SOON!

  12. ImprezaKing says:

    I totally keep overlooking the car! I know it’s there but I just…can’t…look…beyond…the…girlsssss…

  13. Scottie Scheetz says:

    I envy you Cali kids. Looks like it was a wicked party.

  14. Zero says:

    Dont have a facebook and dont want to make one lol
    Hook it up with more pics

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  16. Matt says:

    Nice Mustangs! :p

  17. Pinstriper33 says:

    what mustang? i can’t get past the girls!

  18. DC5Hype says:

    Whos that other model next to eri?

  19. james says:

    Eri is so pretty. Japanese babes are totally hot. Love the ways she talks too

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