VIDEO> The British Drift Championship

MAXXIS Tyres BDC Round 1 – SILVERSTONE from Stephen Brooks on Vimeo.

We recently received a Facebook message from a videographer named Stephen Brooks, which included a link to this video. What I like about the video is the fact that it’s not just a bunch of boring, repetitive footage of cars drifting… I actually like this video because it features more than just the cars – it also captured great “lifestyle” imagery from the British Drift Championship at famed British grand prix circuit Silverstone.

I’ll be honest… with so many different (and separate) drifting event organizers in the UK, it’s so hard for those of us in other countries to understand the differences between them. Last time I was in the UK, I was fortunate enough to be flown out to shoot an EDC event at Donington Park. However, since then, I’ve been hearing A LOT of talk on the internet about JDM Allstars, and now… the BDC. My head’s spinning now! Let’s see, there’s EDC, BDC, IDC… and idk what else. Just imagine if all the event organizers somehow managed to work together to create a massive, super sick series… that would be incredible! (It’s probably not likely, due to differing sponsors, management styles, and personalities… but I’m just saying, it would be pretty cool.)

If someone out there could please enlighten me, and provide some more information as to the differences between the different events, I’d appreciate it! However, for now… check out this entertaining video from Stephen Brooks.

:: Antonio Alvendia

PS: I thought it was interesting that ONE tire company was allowed to buy title sponsorship for the entire series! It’s kinda funny seeing cars with Falken livery and a huge MAXXIS banner on the windshield! Hahaha…

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6 Responses to “VIDEO> The British Drift Championship”

  1. Jord says:

    OK, differences between BDC,EDC and JDM?

    Can. Of Worms.



  2. Jord says:

    Oh and Brooksie RULES!

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  4. Great work Steven! really nice!

  5. Mike Kim says:

    nice vid…damn some of them british chicks be smokin!!

  6. misslieze says:

    This video is rad. I wanna go to Europe!!!

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