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VIDEO> Vegas Pro Am Round 1 Footy

VegasProAm Round 1 from Robert Strohmeyer on Vimeo.

I’m sitting here at the VegasDrift world headquarters, enjoying some laughs with Sin City drift organizer Nick Dizon and the Vegas Drift crew. I called Nick as I was driving up to Las Vegas, and while we were on the phone, he told me about the new Vegas Pro Am video that he just released on his website. I’ve been trying to check it out for the past few days, but unfortunately for the site, I was a bit pre-occupied this weekend. I actually didn’t go to Vegas for a car related function for once; I drove to the 702 to join the rest of the groomsmen for the bachelor party of my boy Kero One, from Plug Label, the popular underground hip hop record label from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Since I’m sitting here, enjoying some laughs with the VegasDrift family, I thought I’d post up their newest video, which showcases some footage from Round 1 of the Vegas Pro Am. I like seeing the cars and the drivers of the different local drift scenes around the USA. Big respect to Vegas Drift for continually making moves in the drifting scene and putting in effort to give back to the VegasDrift drivers by putting out videos like this!

:: Antonio Alvendia

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6 Responses

  1. ROB… EXCELLENT, Phenominal EDITAING!!! The way you just revealed a lot of the shots was really good I think and not overly done. The FOOTAGE fence or not it captured ALL the action without the use of multiple angles. Fekkin RAD dude. And David Briggs is SICK! Saw him win twice here in L.A. Hey was that M83 music towards teh end?

  2. Peter

    AWESOME VIDEO! makes me wish i had been there with that stiff competition. Nice editing, but would have liked some more camera angles. the ‘behind the scenes’ was pretty cool too. MORE!

  3. Very nice vidéo, i really like the music choice, specially the last one with M83, great one.
    The music of my short movie “Vernal Equinox” is made by the co-founder of M83 😉

    Keep the good work.

  4. whoa.. that was an intense video. Sweet video Antonio. Everyday im learning more and more about drifting and how epically close they get to those clipping points!

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