RANDOM DOPE> The Toyota Swagger Wagon

As far as I recall, Toyota has been running these hilarious videos with the Sienna Family since the Super Bowl. (If my memory serves correctly; but I dunno, my favorite beer, Shiner Bock may have confused me… LOL.

Basically, this is one of the best automobile advertising campaigns I have ever seen. All the other minivan ads out there consist of selling how many kids, along with their gear you can fit in them. Not Toyota though! Toyota went a whole different route!

They created the “Sienna Family” who is basically a trendy, full of themselves family, whose commercials are awesome. Their latest is the Swagger Wagon music video, which has topped them all. Not only could I not stop laughing, but the “sipping tea, keep my pinky up,” along with the little girl pop & locking it made me lose it.

I may not be a fan of minivans, but this family knows how to roll hard – well, at least the writers of the ad campaign do, haha.

:: Scottie Scheetz

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8 Responses to “RANDOM DOPE> The Toyota Swagger Wagon”

  1. Antonio Alvendia says:

    HAHAHAHA!!! Great find Scottie! This video is muthafather dope as hell!!!!

  2. hechtspeed says:

    LOL! Hahahahahahahahahah!!! Funniest stuff EVAR!!!

    As a Swagger Wagon owner myself, rolling hard in my 2007 Metallic Slate Green Honda Odyssey (I need a MM decal for it to go with the In N Out decal on the back window), this is so funny and true! You gotta work it when you have 4 kids, a “wagon” full of diapers, wipees, Chicken Nugget leftovers, cheeze it crums all over, this is the life. :) YOu CAN be a parent and still be cool and LOVE LIFE YO!

    Favorite lines: “In this house there’s no mother / father swearin’!”
    “Straight ownin’ bake sales with my cupcakes skillz!”
    “Mommy…I need to go potty!” Welcome to the REAL LIFE fellas. ha haha

    Thanks for posting MM!

  3. hechtspeed says:

    Ha haha, watched it like 3 times and watched all the other Toyota ‘mercials. That dance the dad does at the end. I do that and I call it the “C3PO” dance. Sorry, this video is just TOO “muthafatha” close to home. LOL

  4. jiggysnitz says:

    I like when he knocks all the tea party stuff off the table.

  5. ben osborne says:

    im kinda embarassed to own a toyota supra now… lol

  6. Avon says:

    OK. THAT”S CRAZY! I’m straight trippin’ right now! Tough to roll hard when you’ve got a wife and three kids. Can’t get a car with less than four doors – can’t roll low. I guess I need a Swagger Wagon! LOL!

  7. Kevin Truong says:

    Guys that write and direct these vids must of made a hella lot of money from Toyota! Shows some brilliant thinking on all of their parts. Lov the mfuckin video!

  8. is this really “dope”? or “brilliant”? i guess if you collect kidrobot dunnys then yea you probably would think that this ADVERTISEMENT (this is a word for when people tell you how you should spend your money) is pretty cool. yea i guess that’s just the world that we live in. yea, I guess, if youre the type of person who would spend $30 on a t-shirt… you know, the kinda guy who walks around with skullcandy headphones, a diesel watch, and pimped-out nike dunks, then yea, you probably would be amused a little bit when a global appliance manufacturer (notice i said APPLIANCE, not CAR; Toyota stopped making cars sometime in the mid 90′s, i believe) subverts hip-hop culture to sell bloated shit-wagons to savvy middle class moms. pretty cool folks give yourselves a round of applause for being such hip consumers.

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