VIDEO> Pacific Grand Prix Drift Invitational

Pacific Grand Prix | Drift Invitational

The first Pacific Grand Prix Drift Invitational was a blast! So many good people, live DJ, beer garden, skateboarding, dirt drops, four car tandems. What’s not to love? If you haven’t been to this track, make plans to attend a future event. This thing is beautiful! Super clean grass; I can’t believe dudes were dirt dropping in this shit!

Filming, on the other hand, was quite a challenge. With only a 15mm F/2.8 and a 50mm F/1.4, the strict media regulations made it difficult to shoot good footage without breaking the rules. The super bright sun half the day didn’t help either.

It is what it is. Enjoy.

:: Justin Shreeve

Justin Shreeve Films
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6 Responses to “VIDEO> Pacific Grand Prix Drift Invitational”

  1. Lucas Perez says:

    Im lovin it! Pretty chill vid.

    It amazes me how much talent we have in the area covering all aspects of an event!

  2. Angela Gibbs says:


    I love that you included footage of your dog chilling in the wheel ;)

    Low key video compared to some of your others. I like your ability to mix it up.

  3. [...] hard to shoot and I was limited by song length. It is what it is. Enjoy. Check it out on Vimeo Or Motor Mavens __________________ [...]

  4. Justin Shreeve says:

    Thanks guys!

    Yeah, he’s just such a handsome little guy, I couldn’t help it.

  5. kewl says:

    Great video…it made me feel relaxed beacuse of the music style. Made me remember how fun it was hanging out with friends. No rap (where every body getting shot,raped,sucked and fucked. =P

  6. Justin Shreeve says:

    Haha Thanks. Yeah, Ratatat’s got some great tunes.

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