VIDEO> Pacific Grand Prix Drifting

Pacific Grand Prix Drift Invitational – May 19th, 2010 from Abbitt Wilkerson on Vimeo.

Last weekend, the smell of tire smoke penetrated the crisp Evergreen air of the Pacific Northwest. In the state of Washington, the MotorMavens Crew and friends attended the Pacific Grand Prix Drift Invitational, which took place at a go-kart track in the city of Kent. Many of the usual suspects were out there driving at the event, and you can be sure that out crew members Yoshi Shindo, Lucas Perez and Justin Shreeve will be posting up their stories from the event very soon, as they work to expose and blow up the Northwest car scene even further. Before we release the photos that Yoshi’s new Canon 7D captured from the event, we thought we’d post up Abbitt Wilkerson’s video from the event, which was also shot completely with a Canon 7D DSLR.

After watching this video, it makes me even more excited to return to Seattle to hang out with all our friends in the Northwest. I really like the Evergreen drifting scene; it has everything! Clean air, cool people, and stylish cars! Enjoy!

:: Edward Uche

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21 Responses to “VIDEO> Pacific Grand Prix Drifting”

  1. Justin Shreeve says:


  2. D1RGE.EXE says:

    Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet that Miata looks so damned fun!!!

  3. RG3 says:

    Such an awesome vid!!!!

  4. thanks for the quick write up Ed!

    see you guys in Seattle! DINNER AT THE WILKERSONS! thats what my dad said. lol

  5. Austin Gunderson says:

    so sick. doing it again. always awesome videos

  6. Alex says:

    Very nice! I really hope this isn’t gonna be a one time thing.

  7. Kyle Hayes says:

    Such a sick video one of your best videos for sure

  8. YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

    I can’t wait to see Yoshi shift uncomfortably in his seat, as we all sit down to dinner at your house. Seating arrangements MUST include Yoshi sitting in between your mom and dad, while your dad says, “So Yoshi, what’s this I hear? So you think my wife is hot, huh?”

    Yoshi: …


    Can NOT wait! All our 5Dmk2s and 7Ds will be ready and waiting!!!!!!! Live Streaming Video!

  9. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA YESSS!!!! I AM DOWN!!! lol sooo stoked!

  10. Lucas Perez says:

    Live streaming video? really? oh man this will be epic!

  11. there will be an awkward silence and then antonio will burst out laughing while im laughing at yoshi.

  12. Darren says:


    Thank you Abbitt

  13. Tristan Gay says:

    Lucas, ill bring the pop-o-corn! Wait, what are you having for dinner?

  14. Yoshi Shindo says:

    aww man! =[

    good job on the video abbitt

  15. tamer omran says:

    Simple and to the point Uche, I like it. Also props to Abbitt for the video. Canon 7D= drool, I want one.

  16. AfroDrift says:

    favorite video to date by far… was such a rad event! Thanks for the Cameo and thanks to yoshi for the MM x Destroyer T-Shirt! looking forward to the full article.

  17. Mike Lukomskiy - MiataMike says:

    Good job Abbitt, get famous.

    Love the shot with the flame from my car.

  18. Martin says:

    think I need a 7D…

  19. chris cudi says:

    the guy and girl in the center of the video’s screen shot before you hit play is my best friend Mike and his girlfriend… haha

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