VIDEO> Spocom Show in San Mateo

SpoCom San Mateo 2010 from Joe Ayala on Vimeo.

Hello everyone! My name is Joe Ayala, and I’m originally from Medford, Oregon but I recently moved down to the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve been an avid photographer for as long as I can remember, and when I’m behind the lens, I try to express emotion and originality in my photos. I got into shooting motorsports shortly after high school, and what can I say? I got hooked.

I hit up the SpoCom car show in San Mateo CA yesterday and decided that I would try my hand at filming the show and editing my own video for the first time. Hope you like it!

:: Joe Ayala

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12 Responses to “VIDEO> Spocom Show in San Mateo”

  1. Antonio Alvendia says:

    Thanks for sharing the video with us, Joe! We would have loved to go to the Spocom show in San Mateo to check it out and hang out with friends, but nobody from Spocom responded to our emails from a few months back. Great video! Thanks for sharing it with those of us who didn’t get a chance to go!

    Oh yeah, and this is the first time you’ve shot and edited video?! Damn… JUSTIN SHREEVE better watch out!

  2. Alex Zhao says:

    Nice video!

    Man that red EJ coupe looks terrible!

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  4. Joe Ayala says:

    Ha ha, I dunno Antonia, Shreeve is killin the game right now.

  5. Brandon Scarpelli says:

    Damn killer video Joe! I would have never guessed this was your first shoot/edit! Keep it up man!

  6. ninja>pirate says:

    Nice video and editing… horrible music (had to watch on mute).

  7. Edward Uche says:

    Nice angles Joe. Some of the cars there were dope, and the opening shot of the rim on tire was clean. Keep it coming :)

  8. Justin Shreeve says:

    Damn Joe, comin’ up in the game! You deserve it too! This is a great video for your first try.

  9. Scottie Scheetz says:

    Editing and video was cool. But bro, bro……. bro, that 3OH!3 song is horrendous.

    I will be happy when excessive camber is dead. The red EJ looks dook, would have been 10x better if he went with a more reasonable wheel width and -3 camber, instead of that jank he attempted to stuff under there.

    I will also be happy when the “cover your front lip in stickers” fad dies too.

    There is a fine line between Dope and Dook. Go big or Go home doesn’t always work in the car industry.

  10. Antonio Alvendia says:

    @Scottie: I COMPLETELY agree with you on the “front lip spoiler covered with stickers” thing. I don’t like that one bit.

  11. Joe Ayala says:

    To be honest, i was a little on edge about the music too, I didn’t really like anything in my library that fit how I shot the video, and the songs I did like were too long for me to fill with film. I picked this song because i felt it matched the video well. Vocals are definitely horrible and i can see now how they take away from the video. I’ll keep this in mind in my future films, Thank you all for you input!

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