CENTER STAGE> Pat Cyr, DMCC Winner with AE86!

As I write this, Pat Cyr of Drift Posse is sending me a text message from the DMCC – Drift Mania Canadian Championship – Round 2 on Sunday, June 20 informing me that he has won the event!  Congratulations Pat!

When I think of the hard campaigning privateer, there’s no one that comes more quickly to mind than Pat. He and his team bring the perfect mix of heart, dedication and style to every event – and it shows.

Reppin’ hard as always, Drift Posse is taking over, starting with Pat’s rough and tumble AE86.  Sure this car looks like it has seen better days but all of my Hachiroku fans love a bit of “boro”, right?

But let’s not get sidetracked by looks – as they say “you can’t tell a book by its cover”. Under the hood, this Corolla has a lot of juice.  Now, I know our resident Toyota Historian Antonio Alvendia and other old school Toyota purists might not like this, but Pat and Drift Posse installed a F20C in the engine bay. I made Pat laugh when I said he should put a 1 </3 (Brokenheart) 4AG sticker on that valve cover.

Pat has fought his way to the podium numerous times in the past couple of years using a turbo 4AG but, because he has to battle it out with the biggest and baddest V8s out there, he had to go big or go home this season…and durability counts (and pays off in spades) when you have to run circles around the competition.

Fast, reliable, cheap… usually, with a bit of luck, you can pull off two of the three at any given time. But somehow Pat manages  to pull off the full triad of gangsterism. It must be the money green paintjob. Yeah. Look. Bottom-line. If you were looking for the embodiment of the term “grassroots hero”, here he is you pansies!

Pat hand-built a custom exhaust manifold with a 16g turbo.  Because the turbo isn’t huge, the response is snappy and, by 3000 RPM, it’s at full boost all the way to the 9000 rpm redline.  To battle heavy in the corners at full throttle without blowing up, a custom fuel tank with a surge tank was installed, and in parallel, a methanol/water injection system that keeps the intake temps cool - even after several hot rounds. He says that it makes an honest 300HP to the wheels.

Here’s a shot of the fuel tank, surge tank and methanol/water tank in the trunk. Clean and super functional.

On an interesting note, I was told that some people speculated that the car had over 400 HP and that that’s what gets Pat into the winner’s circle.  I bet rumors of the car having over 500 HP are circulating already, especially now that he has won the 2nd Round at Montmagny, Quebec.

That’s Pat there in the middle. His boy, Mark Bernardo came with his girlfriend just before the sun came down. Good thing since we got a chance to grab a couple of sweet shots of Mark’s FRESH-TO-DEATH JDM Zenki Levin. So, now you get two for the price of one. Don’t say we don’t take care of our peeps over here at Motor Mavens!

Here’s one more of Mark’s girlfriend. You know I mean the Levin, right? LOL! Let me know if you want to see more of the Levin! Can you guys spot the difference between the two photos, besides the angles?

Thank goodness our boy Pat represents with little attitude at all.  He reminds you most of some laid back skater or X Games pro, you know?  I asked him what it was like to be signing autographs at events and he said it was “…weird. Most people don’t even know what car you’re driving, but there’s always a few fans that know what’s up.” I think the underdog appeal is what Pat and his Corolla are all about. Remember, Pat is still a privateer who’s making it in a Pro series.  He races on Sunday… and works on Monday as a fabricator at a Corvette shop.

Pat would like to thank his sponsors and friends.  Drift Posse, Kumho Tires, Vibrant Performance, Bully Clutch and Visual Sugar.  Without them, he would simply be another AE86 driver who wouldn’t be making it to the top 16 – let alone finishing on the podium!

Ste Ho and I had fun shooting Pat’s car. Luckily we got the shoot in before he could “potentially” add more damage to his already battle-scarred steed at the second round of DMCC.

Pat drives this car hard to win, so I only expect to see a new battle scar the next time I see the car in person. During the shoot, we even had the police show up and tell us that they were getting complaints from the warehouse residents. Oops! No foul though because he also hinted that “the people probably already went home”.

Ste Ho of Shutterlit has been perfecting the art of getting the action/drift “moneyshot”… to me this shot is PURE PORN! Carry this image with you into your daily life – it will help you to be about it while others just talk about it!

Jover Papag

MotorMavens Readers' Blog

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35 Responses to “CENTER STAGE> Pat Cyr, DMCC Winner with AE86!”

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  2. Wicked stuff! Good article Jover!!! Wicked shots from Mr. Ste Ho as well!! Good to see a Corolla at the top of MotorMavens.

  3. chippeRX7 says:

    Tight car dude. mad props on the win.
    The difference is that the grill insert is out on the second pic.
    I didnt know they did that.
    Sick cars for sure.

  4. Kevin T. says:

    Goes to show that driver’s skill is key! Congrats to this fella on his podium finishes. Remember, if you ain’t got passion, you’ve got nothing at all.

  5. eric castro says:

    I thought you guys were better then rig shots?

  6. hechtspeed says:

    Those shots are rad! Love this 86. Mean, purposeful.

  7. Pana says:

    Ste Ho did a great job, his rig shots are unorthodox

  8. BenRoche says:

    Wicked article Jover! Honestly I don’t think you could have chosen a better intro then Pat. He deserves more coverage than what he’s been getting

  9. james says:

    Pat drives balls the walls all the time , its a thrill to see him get door to door great job !

  10. Marlon Diego says:

    Que animal esse HachiRoku! *—————-*

  11. DaveT says:

    Nicely done Pat and Ste. Pats mindset is like an x games pro because he used to shred a bmx with the best of em.

  12. DiscoQuinn says:

    Love you Pat! Bring that shit to the west coast with you! Hopefully those parts I gave you came in Handy. All that ice tea and coke zero rocked!

  13. CoolHand Luke says:

    Hachi=8 Roku=6
    Hachi Roku = 86

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  15. Ste says:

    Thanks for the compliments everyone, this shoot gave me a new opportunity to explore new types of rolling shots! Hope I can do more unique drifting shots in the future :)

  16. herbrockone says:

    Good stuff. Great job on the 2 86s. Yo the obvious is it’s a right had drive. The 2nd pic the right side is camber seems more than the other side.

  17. ChippeRX7 got it…but dude, it’s not even that the grill insert comes out, but actually FLIPS UP. Yeah man. Seeing it in person is a whole other thing, I LOVE this grill. Hidden surprises on vehicles are rad!

  18. sciontistLC says:

    Amazing shots! Congrats on the win. :)

  19. Ray says:

    Ok, if u waont do the last pic a wallpaper, im gonna turn this page off!

  20. That girl is hot.

  21. AnnaSGR says:

    Congrats Pat! Best of luck in the rest of the season!!

  22. Jover says:

    Ray, you’re going to have to ask Antonio if he’s gonna let the last pic be a wallpaper… let’s see a show of hands for those who want that last pic as a wallpaper!

  23. Ray says:

    ( hand up )

    C’mon Antonio, I know u want such pic as a wallpaper as well ;)


  24. Dan Cyr says:

    You KNOW I’d love to see somma that!!

  25. jeremy says:

    wheel specs? look like 15″ to me, they look sick

  26. Ruiz says:

    can there be a wallpaper one made of the pics with the girl….

  27. Chris Rhoad says:

    Ive been waiting for details on this car for a LONG time. It was worth the wait 8)

  28. that green car needs sideskirts and rear bumper immediately.

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  30. Alen Laden says:

    Belle Performance Pat , j’y etait ! malade votre run final ! ( the final run was CRAZZZZZYYYYYY !!!! )

  31. HI BRO pat cyr im from to mexico I have a f22c and I want to know what parts revised Internal
    I like to have 300 hp and
    that made changes ecu Please could you send me an email
    i like drift

  32. ho sorry my email is CHEVY_NOVA_1@HOTMAIL.COM
    I hope you can answer

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  35. [...] rigshot attempt, it gave me some new ideas when I was assigned to do my first editorial feature for about our local DMCC (Drift Mania Canadian Championship) driver Patrick Cyr.  With my first [...]

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