VIDEO> Silhouette Street Drifting in Houston TX

A dude from a crew on the north side of Houston TX, showed us this amazing drifting spot in an abandoned neighborhood. It’s known as “the graveyard” among them for the many ditches that suck cars in from time to time.

We had this shoot planned two weeks in advance, but due to a spook from the local fuzz the last time we were there, we had to be quick. I managed to grab all my still shots prior to the actual drifting so as not to draw unnecessary attention. Once that was done, we got the cameras mounted, and off my boys went. About 45 minutes later and lots of running around with the tripod and dolly, we were outta there… The cars emerged unscathed; no one got hurt, and no one got caught. Props to everyone from Team Silhouette that helped.

:: Henry Swasey

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17 Responses to “VIDEO> Silhouette Street Drifting in Houston TX”

  1. James Evins says:

    Good work, Henry! We’ve got to represent Houston hard this year! :)

    I haven’t heard anyone refer to law enforcement as the “fuzz” in a long time – thats funny! LOL

  2. mikew says:

    nice! :)

  3. Sick! Thanks for the spotlight on our latest video and crew.

  4. hechtspeed says:

    Very cool vid!

  5. camo says:

    inspection is expired on the corolla…..

  6. Johanasson says:

    Needs Moar Cressida!

  7. VJ says:

    AND!!!!!!!!!! DIRT DROP

  8. ONE DEEP hahaha says:

    wow its getter better and better everytime i see a video good job guys

  9. junior DRIFTAHOLIX says:


  10. GroduceJunc says:

    That was really cool! Loved the lead in with the tatted dude on the custom bike – set the whole tone.

  11. Justin Shreeve says:

    Good work, Henry. I really enjoyed it.

  12. Henry Swasey says:

    Thanks everyone! Bigger and better videos are in the works ;) . Stay tuned!

  13. Danh Phan says:

    I like me some backroads drifting. Awesome work on the vid too.

  14. mike says:

    I would love to see the cressida out there isn’t he from Houston also??????

  15. Henry Swasey says:

    Yes he is…his car isn’t quite ready for some stret stuff, I’ll be getting a street vid of him at some point.

  16. Dylan says:

    What the heck was going on in the last shot?

  17. nismokid_5 says:

    so…definitely thinking about transferring to University of Houston just to drift! Sick!!

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