VIDEO> Formula D Atlanta Part 2

Experience Atlanta | FD Round 2 | Part 2 from Justin Shreeve Films on Vimeo.

Formula D Round 2 Atlanta has been a subject of the past now, but our boy Justin Shreeve had extra footage and decided to make a sequel to his original FD Atlanta video. In my opinion Justin did a great job showing the great experience a Formula D event can have on someone. These events are more than just the cars and drifting to me. It’s about the people, friends, vendors, and of course the girls! I’m not going to lie though, that clip of Daijiro Yoshihara dirt dropping was sick! Great job Justin Michael Shreeve!

::Yoshi Shindo

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12 Responses to “VIDEO> Formula D Atlanta Part 2”

  1. mike kim says:


  2. [...] VIDEO> Formula D Atlanta Part 2 – MotorMavens __________________ [...]

  3. D1RGE.EXE says:

    that was really good!

  4. James Evins says:

    You’re the man, dude.

  5. hechtspeed says:

    Music selection was perfect! Had me doin’ air guiter! haha Nice vid no doubt!

  6. Justin Shreeve says:

    Thanks, everyone!

    @hechtspeed – Haha! That’s awesome!

  7. andrew says:

    cool vid. I’m the one at the beginning getting the shirt signed by andy sapp.

  8. Brandon Scarpelli says:

    sick ass video for sure!

  9. B Said! says:

    GREAT job JMS! you’re one of the best videographers coming up right now!

  10. Jonathan McWhorter says:

    love the edit man! especially that shot at 2:29, keep up the good work!

  11. books says:

    It was a very awesome idea! Just wanna say gracias for the information you have shared. Just continue writing this kind of post. I will be your loyal reader. Thank you again.

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