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VIDEO> Ronal Racing Rims Rebarreled by Rotiform!

Wheel Mavens, where you at?! This past weekend, I drove down to Rotiform in Orange County CA to drop off my wheels to be refinished. I’ve been steadily working on the newest MotorMavens Project Car, Project BMW E39 Touring, in attempt to step out of my ” vintage Japanese car shell” and learn a bit more about European cars, and connect with the community as well. I’ve been learning a lot about BMWs lately (like how BMW power window regulators are not your friends), and have been enjoying the process.

I had to get my wheels rebored out to fit my E39’s larger center bore, as the factory BMW CB is normally 72.56… and my E39’s factory CB is 74.1mm. Thanks a lot E39 designers at BMW! WTH.

Anyway, in order to fit my new 19×9 and 19×10 wheels on my 5 series BM double, I had to rebore them out. However, when I was dropping off the wheels, my eye was caught on a couple sets of these super aggressive, concave face, super fat lip Ronal Racing wheels. Needless to say, I was JOCKING them!

Enough typing… just watch the video. If you’re a wheel guy like I am, you’ll be drooling all over your keyboard…

:: Antonio Alvendia

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14 Responses

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  2. This is similar to what Ralph @ Infinit wheels has been doing for the past couple years. Never seen it done with a Ronal Racing wheel like this… pretty badass!

  3. LloyD

    guess you never saw mine then Antonio…


  4. HOYCE!

    is that ED in the background who said “wow”!?
    im pretty sure it is cuz thats how he says it whenever he sees ASS!! hahaha

  5. tamer why you holding out on this info. you know i love turbo’s and th lines! good stuff, it got my mind thinking of what beautiful frankinstien preittis can be made!

  6. eric castro

    x114.3 ?
    wish i was 5 lug……………..oh wait, i am, whos getting this on their 240’s

  7. Hoyce

    my bad dude! sounded like Ed to me. I seriously gotta hit up this shop. i gotta a few wheels i need to clean up

  8. @Jmalpica- i wasn’t holding any info bro.. haha you never asked.. I’ll take you to their shop sometime.. and i’ll introduce you to Brian..

    @ Hoyce – yeah man Rotiform is the shop to take your wheels too, as they care of all your refurbishing needs.

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