VIDEO> Scraping Snohomish in a Slammed STi

Abbitt Wilkerson | 2004 STI from Abbitt Wilkerson on Vimeo.

Well apparently, our resident sick stanced sticker cutter got bored today, since he is out of high school and has all this free time on his hands now. I suppose boredom sometimes leads to creativity, because Abbitt broke out his Canon 7D and busted out a short film to try out his newest piece of non-Canon glass (FAIL) on a video of his car… the super slammed Subaru STi that’s been scraping driveways and road reflectors all over Snohomoish Washington.

Enjoy the video! (Buy some Canon glass, next time, Eighteen and famous.)

:: Yoshi Shindo

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29 Responses to “VIDEO> Scraping Snohomish in a Slammed STi”

  1. Tamer Omran says:

    i like it. The Underdogs… catchy background music Abbitt

  2. NICE !!!

    What glass was he using ?

  3. Aggguuuuughhh!! This looks wicked!!!
    Can’t wait till I get a DSLR!!! Still though, wish I could fork out the dough for a 7d right off the bat…since I’m not a lens creeper I totally think it looks super sharp. Enjoyed thoroughly!

  4. Brody Howell says:

    Sick short video! Was that a skyline in the background there??

  5. stealthx32 says:

    Screw the STI, show us the R32!

  6. yeah thats walkers gtr.

  7. hey mr i only have one lens and trying to borrow mine…. shut your mouth!

    someone buy my xha1 so i can afford L series glass!


  8. Justin Shreeve says:


    This needs to be a sticker.

  9. ill make it special just for Formula D Seattle

    ONLY!!! if its in your video justin!

  10. i want a sticker! “I survived YoshisVan… dot com!”


  12. Yoshi shindo says:

    So if there’s a “I survived yoshi’s van” sticker. What sticker do I get for the s14? Lol

  13. you don’t get a sticker for your S14 at all. nobody gives a F about your S14, it’s all about what goes on in the VAN. lol

  14. Greg says:

    Dope video, and the STI looks great. Wingless FTW!

    What’s the background song?


  16. D1RGE.EXE says:

    Love the car, love the fitment, but….cant hang with the skirts on sides and rear. Doesn’t anyone make good-fitting Subie kits?

    But that’s like taking .05 off 1000….

  17. lol all the aero on the car is oem. i am fond of it.

  18. Justin Shreeve says:

    I don’t give a shit. Make me the sticker and I’ll put it wherever you want. No homo. Haha

  19. Denzel says:

    Dope. I did think for the amount of rep this got it had more poke on the rear.

  20. Mr. Moons says:

    Screw that, man.
    I thought I was gonna see some rolling footage…

  21. KKJUN says:

    Yeah, because you’re not worth even HOLDING a camera if you don’t use Canon L lenses.

  22. im too poor. sorry bro.

  23. jarrid says:

    was this done at dreamworks? garage looks familar

  24. led says:

    R32 rocks!

  25. Kyle S says:

    Washington never disappoints

  26. bluocean333 says:

    Yoshi where can i get the underdogs song? great video!

  27. Constantin says:

    What kind of wheels? I liked those disc ))))

  28. Addy says:

    Thanky Thanky for all this good ifnmoratoin!

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