NEWSWORTHY> MotorMavens on VholdR Website!

MotorMavens VholdR ContourHD Formula Drift Seattle Justin Shreeve POV video

While we were attending the Apex’i/Lexus Formula D pre-party in Downtown Seattle, we were fortunate enough to spill a few drinks with our new friends at Twenty20, the company who created the incredible VholdR and ContourHD wearable HD camcorders.

The very first time I had ever seen or heard of the ContourHD camera was when MotorMavens Sharpshooter Travis Hodges used it to shoot his Spirit of Irwindale Formula Drift video last year. Since then, the cameras have become more and more popular within the automotive community, with filmmakers like Justin Shreeve and MotorMavens UK shooter Josh Allen now using the cameras to document the numerous events that they attend.

We were treated to a nice surprise from the Twenty20 folks, when they featured Justin Shreeve’s MotorMavens videos in their customer newsletter. Thanks for the love, Twenty20! We’ll make sure to return it twentyfold!

:: Antonio Alvendia

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5 Responses to “NEWSWORTHY> MotorMavens on VholdR Website!”

  1. Justin Shreeve says:

    Sweet! Where can I read the entire newsletter?

  2. Refresh it! I fixed the link!

    and CONGRATULATIONS SHREEVE! You’ve been killing it lately! (but don’t get all bigheaded on us now, haha)

  3. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Motor Mavens Crew, NissanPacific. NissanPacific said: NEWSWORTHY> MotorMavens on VholdR Website! [...]

  4. Justin Shreeve says:

    haha Yeah right! Thanks, Antonio.

  5. STANTON says:

    you guys are really blowing these cameras up. are they really THAT good? maybe i’ll buy one to try them out. is it hard to mount them up to the cars? i might want to try to use them with my bike too.

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