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POINT&SHOOT> Apex’i Lexus SC430 Debut Party

More videoblog screwing around with the iPhone 4… Saturday night, we were out at J Lounge in Downtown Los Angeles for the Apex’i x Lexus Party, organized by Clark from VIP Autosalon. Again, this is not a professional video in the least bit. Hahaha… this is what you get when you have drinks with the guys from Apex’i, Hankook Tire, VIP Autosalon and City Tire Online at their VIP table… and then you decide it would be a good idea to film a video, and upload it to the MotorMavens Channel on YouTube directly from an iPhone 4 while you’re still out with your friends.

We’ve been doing so many of these little short unedited video segments recently, just because the iPhone 4 makes it real easy… but one thing we realized is the fact that we need to get a better (directional) microphone for the phone when we’re shooting videos like this.

Masaki from Apex’i USA was attempting to give our viewers information about the Apex’i and Lexus drift program, but he kept getting interrupted because the guy behind the camera (who shall remain nameless) kept getting distracted by short skirts and mentions of new car parts being introduced to the Apex’i lineup. Sorry for the apparent lack of focus in this video (haha)… but make sure you go to the Apex’i USA website for actual information on the new Apex’i Power FC Commander that is coming out, and information and photos of their newly introduced Lexus SC430.

:: Antonio Alvendia

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  1. JDM Rob

    This vids hella funny antonio, bought this paint job in forza 3 and im rockin the is-f v8 twin turboed its around 720 horses under the hood, a handfull 2 say the least. Anyone know what engine this sc is running and what brake is it cheers

  2. Cool stuff. So, this made me think of an interesting topic. Let’s look at the “import” market and do a mini-comparo with the traditional hot rod/custom scene. The dudes that grew up in the 50s-60s dreamed about 60’s muscle and can now either do a resto or buy a newer Camaro/Mustang/Challenger. The import scene is roughly 15-20 years old in the states here, roughly because I know it goes back to the early 70’s, but I’m thinking of the mainstream. It really took off around 10-12 years ago. I think this market of aging “tuner” kids will eventually be a good size market just like the muscle car/hot rod crowd. The dudes that bought Civic’s will buy Evo’s/STi’s and Lexus sport models and BMW’s. I think there will be full restorations of AE86’s, S13/14’s, Civics, etc. I think the skies the limit for cars like the IS series and SC as well as the 3 series bimmers. Interesting stuff going on…

  3. Avon Bellamy

    @Chris – The idea that the “import” scene is the “muscle/hot rod” scene revisited has been a strong marketing point for much of what gets done on the Youth Automotive side. It accounts for much of the unusually fast “buy-in” that has occurred from non-endemic companies – they see that they have a chance to capture a very large market *early*. They know they have at least a 40-50 year life cycle with this market. Even longer in some cases.


    hehehe funny video. Thanks for the link to the new PFC Commander. That thing looks pretty awesome. I wanna sell my old commander now!

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