WEBMINING> Lexus SC430 Drift w/ Apex’i

Last night Antonio and a few of the MotorMavens crew were chillin’ with our friends from Apex’i and Lexus at a pretty sick party they were hosting. In anticipation of this weekend’s FD event and to celebrate Ryuji Miki’s new Lexus SC430, they showed this video – “Lexus Drift”.

A highlight for me was the POV footage using the ContourHD camera. I first discovered this company and camera last year when looking for a great POV camera. We had our first opportunity to use the camera at last year’s Formula Drift Championships at Irwindale. We captured some killer footage! My favorite part was seeing Justin Pawlak as he scraped the wall. Super dope!

So enjoy this video from Apex’i, Lexus and Kevin Lee. Don’t forget to check out our live feed tomorrow. Be on the look out for MotorMavens’ epic coverage of the event. Make sure you check out our video highlights. We’ll being using our ContourHDs, so you KNOW its going be SIIIIICK!

Have a great Formula Drift weekend!


:: Travis Hodges

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6 Responses to “WEBMINING> Lexus SC430 Drift w/ Apex’i”

  1. Mr. Moons says:

    The 1st gen. SC was much better.

  2. sean jay says:

    siiiiiiiiiiick brah. id like to request a compare and contrast article between ricer cameras like the gopro and contourhd

  3. Foresure Sean!! I’d lke that too. We’ll see what can do.

  4. Clark Ishihara says:

    Attn: Antonio
    Hey brotha can you please do me a huge favor and edit the typo in regards to the film being produced by Henry Lee. The correct name is Kevin Lee.

    Thanks a bunch

  5. Sorry about the typo. It’s fixed!

  6. Mantas says:

    They really need to put 2JZ in that Lexus

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