NEWSWORTHY> Drift Cars vs Drag Cars at IDRC

MOTORMAVENS Motor Mavens DSPORT IDRC Drifting Drift Drag Race California Speedway Fontana

California people!

Mark your calendars and free up your schedule on Saturday, September 4th! (Labor Day Weekend) We’re teaming up with our friends at IDRC and DSPORT Magazine to present the Drift Car Quarter Mile Challenge at California Speedway in Fontana CA (even though they now call it “Auto Club Dragway” because of sponsorship reasons).

We’re calling out ALL DRIFT CAR OWNERS to sign up for this special event and show the drag-only guys how fast your drift cars really are!

This event will also include a big carshow in the pit area, with lots of Southern Cali’s freshest street cars on display. If you have a super low car with aggressive offset wheels, make sure to sign your car up for the show! I’ve personally made calls to several car owners and crews who own some of the best stanced cars with wide wheels and stretched tires. (I’m not done calling people yet, so please don’t yell at me if I haven’t called you yet…) A whole lot of car owners and crews are already confirmed, so we’re going to have a big area with the dopest street cars surrounding the MotorMavens booth. If you have a dope streetcar, make sure to enter it into the car show!

More event details can be found here.

MOTORMAVENS Motor Mavens DSPORT IDRC Drifting Drift Drag Race California Speedway Fontana

Hit us up for any questions you may have, or hit me up for discounts if you’re registering more than 9 cars!

:: Antonio Alvendia

MotorMavens Readers' Blog

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16 Responses to “NEWSWORTHY> Drift Cars vs Drag Cars at IDRC”

  1. hechtspeed says:

    LOL, Antonio, did you get them to fix the picture so it doesn’t cut off the Z? Nice work bro!

  2. HAHA yup! I did… however, now the JustDrift logo was accidentally left off the flyer. *facepalm*

    It’s gonna be a real fun event though! I’ve already been getting confirmations from some pretty bad ass crews with sick cars!

  3. Dalton Cole says:

    a drag event for drift cars huh?
    Poor poor little hachiroku’s :(
    hahaha. sounds like loads of fun tho!!
    id go. But i live in the NW. love it here

  4. says:

    I wasnt sure how to contact you guys but we would like to talk about getting a press release/blurb on here. Please contact us asap!

  5. MaydayJohnP says:

    DAmn! I am soooo looking forward to this coverage Antonio!

  6. om1kron says:

    Cool I could probably make this.

  7. D1RGE.EXE says:

    Anyone know whats the story with those glasses worn by the guy on the flyer? I see someone in a FD staff shirt at EVERY event wearing those corny things, is it some kind of insider joke?

  8. @D1RGE.EXE: LOL. I actually asked him about those, and the answer was no. Those are just his glasses. :P

  9. nathan says:

    those glasses are from spy kids the movie (the third one i think)….

  10. Dan Cyr says:

    I’ll donate the random weird knowledge on this one:
    They’re called Oakley Overheads…and they’re pretty hard to find info on/pictures of! Mysteriousss…. :P

  11. jmac says:

    About the oakleys, talked to that guy at fd atl, he said he got those when they first came out and were relatively cheap. Now they are discontinued and super rare/expensive. So he’s hangin on to em haha. And so I’m not totally off topic, I love this idea for an event. I’ve always wondered just how fast these drift cars really are. Very cool!

  12. Mike Kim says:

    cant wait!!, ill be there

  13. Mike Kim says:

    oh and i’ll have to seriously step up my game for shooting and editing…i know, i know, i hella lag on it

  14. Collected says:

    You know Ron and Ed B. got this…..

  15. We’ll have to wait and see! There will be some other fast cars there too!

  16. S133P3R says:

    ohhh man, this summer has had some kick ass event popping up in SO*CAL… another one marked on the calendar!

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