NEWSWORTHY> Riverside Adams Drift Night

Hey guys, my name is Lambert and I’m a new Motormavens photographer. I would explain what I like, hobbies, photography, etc but in a little later! Right now I want to talk about Riverside, California’s Adams Drift Track. There are Time Attack and Drifting sessions EVERY WEEK. Time attack are on Tuesdays @6pm-9pm; Drifting are on Thursdays @6pm-9pm.

The track is originally called “Adams Go-Kart Track” but ever since Thursday Drift Nights became popular, the name “Adams Drift Track” took over.

You can legally drift on their 3/4 of a mile, 14 turns paved race circuit.

Keyword: “LEGAL!”

It’s about time there are people who are making drifting safe and legal. Motorsport photographers and videographers can also practice their skills here too but with a price.

Here’s the track layout, the standard course are for those who are amateurs or beginners; as for the optional course are for those who are advanced drifters.

Adams Drift Track is family owned, it’s one of the only weekly events in the state for all season drifters to relieve stress, practice their skills, and for new comers to learn! Great place for your family and friends to see and experience drifting for the first time.

I met this guy Richard (350z Driver below) and he was killing it out there! I got a ride along with him and he told me he’s been just drifting for 7 months, swapping in a VQ40 in his Z, and sliding sideways, whipping up huge clouds of dirt into the crowd. Richard also pissed off the guys at Adams Track who sweep off the dirt off the track because run after run, Richard still kept whipping dirt and rocks onto the track.

See what I mean? But at the end of the night, he finally hit a tire wall and broke off his rear bumper. Karma’s a…(insert verb here)

Hope to see you guys here! The normal drift night schedule is at the end along with the prices and address; below the S13 drifting at night.

Adams Track is open every Thursday night @ 6pm-9pm

Address: 5292 24th Street, Riverside, CA 92509

Entrance: $5; Helmets: $5; Ride Alongs: $10; Drift your car: $20


I’ll post up time attack next time. Time attack every Tuesday! (6pm-9pm, same place)

And for the ending…

My name is Lambert, I’m Indonesian; 18yrsold, I love photography/film, and thank you Antonio for the opportunity for giving me a spot in Motormavens to shoot and helping me out on improving my photography.

:: Lambert Eliza Paat

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17 Responses to “NEWSWORTHY> Riverside Adams Drift Night”

  1. beto says:

    I miss Adams,I lives in Pomona last year and went a couple I’m up in Wash but haven’t had a chance to go see PGP yet:-(

  2. hechtspeed says:

    Welcome Lambo! That is a rad track. The States need more of these!

  3. S133P3R says:

    photos are looking good -shows that practice can make PERFECT!

  4. Tamer Omran says:

    Lambert… this is dope man. I love , i wanna go next time

  5. Nick from New Zealand says:

    Every town and country in the world needs a set-up like this!!

  6. Pat says:

    man 20 bucks to drift…

  7. D1RGE.EXE says:

    I so need to go out there one thursday night…now, if only they had cars to rent….

    I can dream, right?

  8. Sean Morris says:

    I have to head out there one Thursday night. Our car lot is just down the street over the hill.

  9. Leonard says:

    those curb gutters will destroy a wheel , and the curbs themselves are pretty tall .
    not a place to be sloppy.
    fun ,and glad its around

  10. Zach Meister says:

    Congrats on the MM spot Lambert, you deserve it man.

  11. Lambert Paat says:

    Thank you Hecthspeed, Tamer and Zach! As for everyone else.. I better see you there on Friday!!! >:D or the usual Thursday drift nights.

  12. panda poo says:

    !NICE! gotta make it out one of these days! and this starbucks instant coffee stuff blows.

    Lookin forward to your future posts!

  13. Gabe Behrens says:

    What up Lambert, i noticed you got a shot of me (“S13 drifting at night”). Looks Dope, I was wondering if you had anymore…if anything hit me up at


  14. Dan Panzone says:

    hey i was driving that beat green miata, i was just wondering if you snapped anything of the car?

  15. Lambert Paat says:

    @Pandapoo: I’ll get more dare-ish photos of closer shots next time! :D stay tuned!

    @Gabe: I do have a shot of you at night, I didn’t post it because it had too much noise in the picture.

    @Dan: Hey Dan, sorry but I didn’t see a green miata there? Were you there when the 350 and brown s13 coupe there? I’ll check my photo set in a bit.

  16. BEN MARTIN says:

    that night was funny and me my m8 crashed alot and we had gratte fun

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