VIDEO> Honda Day 2010 w/ EAT SLEEP RACE

EAT SLEEP RACE | Honda Day 2010 | Raceway Park | Englishtown, NJ from Justin Shreeve on Vimeo.

The clothing company EAT SLEEP RACE speaks for itself. The name is a motto that many people live by and represents a lifestyle of perseverance and dedication to the automotive culture. It is for those reasons that it was an easy decision when Francis and Brian Mabutas (the creators of the brand) invited me out to New Jersey to shoot the largest all-Honda event on the East Coast. How could I say no? My time spent out there was amazing. I made a bunch of new friends, saw tons of incredible cars, and even smashed around on a Honda Ruckus late one night.

Look forward to more videos from myself and ESR involving the always impressive Prayoonto Racing team and an R35 GT-R built by Bulletproof Automotive in the very near future!

Oh, one more thing. Miro, the guy with the red S2000 on teal VS-XXs is selling his wheels! Help me convince him otherwise!

:: Justin Shreeve

Honda Day
Englishtown Raceway Park
Shreeve Films

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8 Responses to “VIDEO> Honda Day 2010 w/ EAT SLEEP RACE”

  1. jay chen says:

    Wow this is a great video and a great clothing company with dope designs. I’ll be sure to cop some tees asap! Justin do you have the hookup?

  2. JAY: You gotta click through the link on our page to get the Justin hookup!

  3. Chris Hecht says:

    Cool vid. I’ll always dig proper Hondas, its my import roots (besides my ’72 VW Bug).

  4. jay chen says:

    Thanks Antonio! I’ll click the link. BTW tell the red s2k to keep the wheels!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sam Richter says:

    I love Honda’s and drag racing! Guys let’s some more of this!!!!!!

  6. Chris Lizardo says:

    EAST COAST FTW!!!! The east coast has the fastest drag cars!

  7. @Chris Lizardo: I think you’re absolutely right. The East Coast DOES have the drag racing game on LOCK. Especially the old school Puerto Ricans! Hella sick.

  8. 1320drag says:

    Yeah Antonio! I agree with you 100% It’s all about drag racing in the east! Puerto Rico has some fast rotaries and older style toyotas! AND they are clean!

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