VIDEO> Wangan Midnight Tokyo Highway

Mannnnn… following up on the cool video that 0-60 Magazine‘s Alex Bernstein shot of Nakai san‘s Rauh Welt Porsches cruising through the highways of Japan, one of the friends of the MotorMavens Crew, fellow Japanophile Edwin Reyes from NYC sent me this video through our Facebook page.

For those who haven’t heard of the Wangan Midnight comic book in Japan, it stars a certain S30 240Z and tells exciting stories of Japanese highway (wangan) battles with other high speed streetcars. I think the Wangan Midnight live action movie looks pretty cool – in fact, I can’t wait to see the entire thing. Hopefully someone has a torrent of it somewhere that they’d like to share? If you have it, let me know please!

It’s too bad NBC Universal didn’t make their Fast&Furious movies into something more like this. Movies like this would be off the hook! In fact, watching this makes me want to drive a black JZA70 or JZA80 Supra on the highway right nowwwwww!!! Or a Porsche GT3RS! Or an R34 Skyline GT-R V-Spec… Or… (What else?)

:: Antonio Alvendia

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20 Responses to “VIDEO> Wangan Midnight Tokyo Highway”

  1. Jerry Truong says:

    What else? The Toyota Soarer! :D

  2. kyusha kai says:

    you can catch it on youtube (i watched it at work so i couldn’t DL anything). someone uploaded it into like 10 parts. i die inside when they switch the s30 with a 2+2 thinking no ones gonna notice it.

  3. kyusha kai says:

    oh DUHHHH, i didn’t even notice that’s where you posted it up from. ahhh i’m an idiot.

  4. Nigel says:

    How about a Sky Blue R33!!

  5. Dan Cyr says:

    Wauuuuughhhh!!! This is amazing!!!! You’re so right, it’d be neat if they made the F+F movies like this one. I find the cars in the F+F movies kinda silly looking at times, but even just the first clip of this movie is full of dope cars!!! This makes me want to go to Japan so badly!! Note for anybody who plans on going anytime soon, I fit into carry-on luggage bags of all makes, and am easily stuffed into the overhead baggage compartment….I wish.

    Sick find! I’m watching the whole thing later!

  6. Kid Karola says:

    This was exactly what I felt like watching tonight! Nothing good on TV and seen all my dvd’s countless times.

  7. JDM Rob says:

    Antonio you can watch it in dvd quality here watched it the other week and its alot better then i was expecting, miles ahead of the initial d movie, thers a few wrong cars in the movie conpared to the anime, one guy drives a ferrari 355 in yellow in the film and in the anime he actually drives a white tessta rossa, real cute girls in it too, also the rs wanntabes on the devil z are a size or two too small but all in all an enjoyable watch. also antonio any chance of a spotlight of your ae86s. PEACE

  8. @JDM Rob: YOU ARE THE MAN!!! Now that’s what I’m talking bout!

    As for the spotlight on my AE86s, let me get them finished up the way I want em, then I will definitely do a spotlight! =D

    @Nigel: hmm sky blue R33? I dunno man. The R33 I think… might be my least favorite Skyline of all time. Especially the R33 GTS.

  9. Dan Cyr says:

    Wow!!!!!! I just watched this in its entirety…by far one of the best movies I’ve ever seen ever. I need more, pretty badly…

  10. Scottie Scheetz says:

    Where can I get my hair permed like that. Makes the Jersey Blow Out look like a 1800′s fad.

  11. Miguel.d says:

    Yeah midnight wangan is awesome my friend just recently bought the movie from a Japanese video store going out of business in Gardena and they also have the arcade version of this show!:) Devil Z is Awesome! Love the exhaust sound :)

  12. Nigel says:

    Antonio, you are right but I remember the R33 from the Manga.
    Maybe a RS 3100 Capri to fight another old school battle with the black 911.

  13. Nigel says:

    Maybe a widebody 3 rotor FC.

  14. willister says:

    Isohunt/TPB torrents were going to slow so I went with this one:
    Got it in a few hours and the quality is very good.

  15. Kid Karola says:

    I wonder when Michiharu Kusunoki & Shuichi Shigeno will collaborate for a Asakura vs. Takumi battle. Basically writes itself Part 1. Wangan expressway. Part 2. Akina touge. Part 3 decider at a neutral circuit lol

  16. Drive510 says:

    I wanted to see more of the teacher.

  17. Jaime says:

    “Z will be back”
    Of course it will! Cause I’m sure all of use wants more :)
    Really cool film, I still prefer the anime (I really miss that guy that even leaves his own family for building a 32), but it got my addiction to “wanganing” so fucking bad!
    Also, the 355 on P7 is insane, just at the same level of the Testa of the anime… or maybe not :P
    PS: Thank you so much WILLISTER cause I’ve been looking for the film since I saw the trailer. Plus, it’s in Blu-Ray quality!

  18. stevo says:

    hahah thanks antonio, i kinda got hooked and whatched it all so worth it to lol and lol some of the acting but good as car movie!!!!

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