OH SNAP> Insert Your… Caption Here

Carinna Suicide Girls Check oil Mobil 1

Hey everyone! Right now we have a little Motor Maven maintenance to do. Not just on the website, but we also have to work on putting things together for the next four (yes, I said FOUR) events we’re doing in the next three weeks. It’s gonna be more and more and more and more hectic in the coming months – especially hard to juggle all this stuff to do.

This being said, I thought it would be cool to throw this one out there for our readers… What do YOU think would be the best caption for this photo? (Let’s try to keep it clean, fellas!) I wanna see who our most witty readers are!

If you saw a scene like this on the side of the road, I wonder how many of you would stop to spit some game at this girl?

:: Antonio Alvendia

MotorMavens Readers' Blog

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104 Responses to “OH SNAP> Insert Your… Caption Here”

  1. Q says:

    No! love not that bolt…the 1 at the very bottom

  2. 30detbeastie says:


    “yeah, you really have to bend over to get that bolt”

  3. 30detbeastie says:

    “why are womens feet smaller then a mans? So they can stand closer to the stove..not your pride and glory”

  4. joe says:

    clean engine bay…

  5. Andre says:

    “Wrenching never looked better”


  6. rayray says:

    ok babe look if you spread your feet and arch your back you can get way more torque in that nut…i promise

  7. Josh says:

    “Of course I will hold the wrench while you eat your sandwich babe…”

  8. Roger says:

    are you married?…

    no! Great how can I help you?

  9. eric castro says:

    Your hair will be totally safe around that fan……..

  10. mikemiessler says:

    “Let me pull you hair back before it gets ripped off”

  11. Illy Dab says:

    Tuners and Girls with Ink are relevant to my interests.

  12. readysetgo says:

    Leftie loosie, to the right…the Tightie

  13. Dave says:

    Daaaaaaaaaaang girl , U could borrow my tools anytime !!!

  14. rwall7 says:

    I see a cool air intake. Its got a Nos fogger system and a T4 turbo, Dominic. I see an AIC controller. It has direct-port nitrous injection. Yeah, and a stand alone fuel management system. Not a bad way to spend 10,000 dollars.

  15. OLASrx7! says:

    It would suck if you stopped to help her but she knew way more than you and she totally demasculated you

  16. gozz says:

    Well it’s obvious Antonio, she’s tightening my nuts….

  17. Johnny says:

    “nissan motors can be girls job…or else?”

  18. Gary says:

    I think you dropped something…

  19. Roy says:

    “It’s your fuel man, you’ve got a nasty hole.”

  20. Dan says:

    Monte Carlo? Nice Chevy small block. ‘Get that alternator off there girl! We know you got a thing for juice!’

  21. Larry says:

    Where the fu*k is her left arm?

  22. butch says:

    god damn!

  23. SomeSarcasticDoucheBag says:

    “Hottest one-armed chick ever”

  24. Bear says:

    looks like she’s showing Megan Fox how she should have done it ;)

  25. Naim says:

    “You’re doing it wrong. That’s not the tire!”

  26. weee says:

    Move out the way bitch I’m tryna look at the car!

  27. luda210 says:

    Helllloooooooo nurse!

  28. MOmo says:

    If my mechanic looked this good, I would find all kinds of excuses to take it to the shop!

  29. Jon Williams says:

    Quick, rev it up! maybe it’ll pull her shirt off.

  30. Phil W says:

    “Look you really aren’t taking this apprenticeship seriously. If you can’t tie your hair back get a blue net and where are your overalls?”

  31. bryan says:

    pimp my ride

  32. Careless says:

    “17mm? I thought you said to look for the big nut”

  33. JDMLOLFTW says:

    “jizz in my pants”

  34. shaynskyline says:

    “The guy that casted Meagan Fox for Transformers. . . he f’d up. Bad.”

  35. Kalain37 says:

    “…So…err when you gona come pop my clutch…”

  36. shon_ancheta says:

    i’ve been around a car or two and i’d say you need to refill the blinker fluid…

  37. danzup3 says:

    She’s looking for where the blinker fluid goes.

  38. Jason says:

    “oh don’t worry she’ll never figure it out.”

    “why do you say that?”

    “I took the spark plugs out…”

  39. oxfordgreco says:

    Better take that shirt off, don’t want to stain it with grease

  40. john says:

    “I’m a woman and therefore too dense to have any business working on a car”

  41. JMax Garage says:

    “Um, by any chance did you drop your crack pipe while you were looking at my engine bay?”

  42. Dave says:

    Yeah, just dangle your hair in there while go see if it will turn over…

  43. Why is there a car in the kitchen ?

  44. afcles says:

    thats one girl who can service me

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